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    Guess who came at the doorstep today!

    The familiar individual was missing for many months since the lockdown began on the national level. Rain or shine, walking his regular route steadfastly, he was there, right on schedule, with timely deliveries.

    No, I'm not referring to the delivery boys of e-commerce sites, but to the postman. I was really surprised and quite delighted, in fact, to see him, mask firmly in place, sliding the mail through each flat's letter slot in our building. I expressed my happiness to him and thanked him. A really nice thing, too, was that the single envelope that was delivered today was from our family deity's temple Trust which sends us the schedule of pujas conducted there. It was like an auspicious moment which brought us great joy.

    Now we can expect our postal mail deliveries to resume on a regular basis, I suppose, and the lady personnel also coming around during her scheduled evening time. They are, of course, at risk much like the healthcare workers and those who have been providing similar essential services even during the lockdown, such as the milkman and garbage collectors. So hats off to all the khadi-uniformed personnel!
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    We should understand the value of khadi-uniformed personnel. We should understand the value of their services. When a garbage collector will not come for collecting our domestic waste for two days, we will understand how important is that person to us? When a sweeper who cleans the street is missing for a day only we will know the value of sweeper. We are all safe because of their support and in return what they get is peanuts,
    Yesterday in our street there was a leakage from somebody's drainage and the whole street is giving foul smell. The owner of the house was under tremendous pressure as the other people in the street are furious. Then the municipal sanitary workers came with the equipment and cleaned. Then only the people understood how much difficult it is to manage without the services of such people?
    Really We should salute them.

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    Never before I had an occasion to see a postman delivering mail at my doorstep at my Bengaluru house. Really it is an event that happened yesterday. Believe me or not, a postman, not in Khakis, but in normal pants and shirt, riding a scooter came to my doorstep while I was washing my daughter's car. He handed over me a letter addressed to my daughter from an insurance company. What a coincidence with your thread and my postman.
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    Just a month past joining ISC, with an enthusiasm to post articles, I submitted an article "Three Rings, Unsung Heroes and Lost Glory". Tthat was about Postman, Milkman and Newspaper boy.
    Somehow the article did not click then as I was not having much knowledge in posting online articles (Even now too).
    But my idea still holds relevant.

    I had concluded the referred article saying"Do we wait now for the once ubiquitous cycle bell rings of the threesome Milkman, Newspaper boy and Postman? Even if they exist as their previous shadow, mainly they use mobikes. So it is not the ring but the horn. The three rings have stopped and are now nostalgic memories. Let us revive them here."

    I am happy that this thread talks high of the postman who generally remains an unsung hero even now.

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    Here, I would not only congratulate only the khadi-uniformed personnel but all the people doing such odd jobs that are very essential to humans. They are the hawkers, vegetable/fruit vendor, the laundryman, ragpickers, cobbler, watchman, servent/maid, etc who plays a big role in keeping our society and our home moving without feeling it. Let us take learn and emulate them and Unsung heroes in our society. We may feel that even if they don't come, we may be able to cope up but when they don't come for a day do we come to know their importance as in when we face a problem like the one mentioned by DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao(#705343). All these unsung heros plays a small but vital role in everyone's life or society which is very important to keep in clean, good and moving.
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    Post Office was open during the lockdown also in our area though it was opening for 3 days a week only. Now it is working normally 6 days a week. I had to send a document to LIC in connection with my matured policy to get the maturity amount. So, I visited the Post Office last month and found that the postman and other staff were all had masks on their faces and the persons sitting on customer counters were wearing an additional transparent screen on their faces. I gave my document for sending it by speed post and after 10-12 days I got the information from my bank that the maturity amount is deposited in my account. So, even in this tough condition the Post Office staff is working very sincerely and hats off to them.
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    Good one from the author in honor of praising the postman. Very rarely postman are sighted these days as there is no communication of letters through the friends or relatives. But even today the RTA office sends the learning licence and even the permanent licence is sent by post.
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    You said the truth, what were the days ... When it was time for the postman to come to the locality, every house had a restless gaze staring at the road. The postman's bicycle was no less melodious than a sitar, and the heartbeat became as fast as the postmen in the street. There was hope that today the letter will come and there was a fear of not knowing, even today. The growing restlessness from morning till afternoon seemed to be panting like a bellows. I used to think a little bit, he is not there. To understand the importance of the postman, it is necessary to know that the postman did not only bring a letter, but he also used to throw news about the world.
    There is a time today when SMS, internet have become the rulers of life, then who should give a price to a poor card. Bills, a notice of recovery, insurance receipt, or similar items come by post. Where is the fragrance like before in the letters?

    Swati Sharma

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    I also agree that the work done by postal department is really praiseworthy and these people are able to maintain their performance in these tough times also. I salute to these workers who are carrying out their work sincerely.
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    Though the functioning of Post - office has dropped to some extent because of our usage of mobile phone and massages and naturally writing letters to our closed relations and friends have dropped considerably. Hence to that extent, pressure of the Post - man has eased. Despite this, they are as punctual as they were in the past. When the entire country is feeling the pinches of corona, their efficiency has not dropped when we see the post - man approaching our door with a packet of parcel or a letter sent through the speed post.
    I have never missed any urgent letter from the side of the post - man. I must appreciate the dedication of the postal staff.

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    Postman an essential person, part of the community is also under risk these days but yet they are serving the community. We were getting the posts regularly hence could not find any difference, were visiting the post office too.
    It is true that many kadi uniformed personnel, the policemen who were taking care of the city trying to control people also lost their lives while serving the community, as they were also affected.

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