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    Taxing the children too much through online classes in insane

    YouTube is now a great vehicle of learning. It is also the vehicle for highlighting what is wrong in so many things we do. A mother is seen reprimanding a four or five year old child, why he has not done what he was supposed to do and upload it to his teacher. The child is pleading with his mother, with folded hands, advising her to take rest for the day and says that he would do everything the next day.

    The child's body language says it all. The so-called online classes are killing the children. At age four or five, the child has to play. This is gone, with the virus forcing the child to only play video games or be glued to television. This is absolutely irrational and insane. On top of this, forcing the child to do online classes is bound to make the child have psychological problems.

    Online classes are fine, but not substitutes to the regular ones. The children are put to tremendous stress and strain. We should allow children to learn at their own pace. They should only learn what can be taught in a very limited way and at the child's level of thinking and comprehension. Doing something more than this is insane, to say the least.
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    Whether it is online classes or regular classes these days the children are suffering a lot. This is mainly due to the ambitions of the parents and the hopes they have on their children. Every parent wants his child to be an IAS officer or an Engineer from IITs or a doctor from AIIMS. This is resulting in high pressure on the child. Always study only. Marks and ranks only are important. This attitude should change.
    A four-year boy has to play happily in the house and enjoy his life. But the parents will never allow him. Is this life meant for becoming a doctor or an engineer and earn money only? Nothing more or less? I don't understand the logic. Yes, we need the money and we need education. But happiness is also important. So parents should not pressure their children for the homework or similar sort of things. They should see the kids will grow positively with happiness in their minds.

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    I agree that children nowadays are pressurised a lot. The only concern of the parents seems to be studies and scoring marks. But in my locality, I have not found any child burdened with online classes. They are really happy and enjoying the situation. Maybe they are unable to play outside because of the situation but other than that they are not complaining much. There are many videos available on Youtube and anybody can upload a video anytime on Youtube. There are many tools available to create those videos but there is no point in thinking that every such video is authentic and shot with an intention to circulate the truth. A toddler cannot learn much on a single day and their online classes must be designed in that way. If a kid cannot attend school, does it make much difference? If the parents wish they can easily help their kids to learn the lessons at home. The problem is many remain busy for the sake of being busy. Spending quality time with the children is a must which many parents are not spending. This is giving rise to a lot of problems among kids.

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