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    A common man or a Ruler. Who should be more responsible?

    We say ours is a democratic system and the government is for the people of the people and by the people. This indicates that the interest of the people should be more always.

    All the people will have rights as well as responsibilities also. As a common, we have some responsibilities in addition to the rights we have. In the same way, the people in governance will also have rights as well as responsibilities.

    But we always talk about our rights but never talk about our responsibilities. The leaders will enjoy their rights more than a common man but many times these leaders are also forgetting their responsibilities. I feel, more than a common man, a ruler should give weightage to his responsibilities more than the rights he has. Please discuss.
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    Everyone has to take responsibility in a system and then only it would flourish and progress. If a ruler is honest and sincere in his work then people will follow him with respect and cooperate with him. So ruler is responsible for the welfare of his objects but there are some rulers who do not bother for these protocols. Common man has nothing in his hands except to join some silent procession against the ruling party.
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    Everyone have their role. Hence everyone have to take the related responsibility and perform the expected role of them. Then only the system will function smooth and properly. Even some of the lower creatures have developed this system and follow perfectly that.

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    Every citizen has their duties and responsibilities. The government and the government servants, I mean the ruler, have some duties and responsibilities to think, plan and execute for the betterment of the country and its people. Similarly, the common man too have their responsibility to obey and follow the orders and instructions of the government for their own benefit.
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    All citizens regardless of their status or level in country/society have their rights and responsibilities. However, rulers or higher authorities in administration on any level have enormous rights as well as bigger responsibilities simultaneously. We as common people will have to abide by the laws of the country and we will have to be human assets for our country. Common people don't run the country. We elect our leaders or rulers with this hope that they will take our country on the path of progress and development. They will bring happiness and prosperity in people's lives by their well planned and well executed schemes concerning commonweal comprehensively.

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    Being a democratic country which is fully based on of the people, by the people and or the people, the people are the main reason and result of any action or disagreement from the govt. If the people give long rope to a corrupted governance, then they keep on practicing new corruption and loot the country. If the same people shunt the corrupted party and reject the same in election, thus end the corrupted practices. So I believe it is the people who are most powerful than the ruler and if any ruler thinks that he is here to rule permanently is a fool. There is a Telugu song which goes like this. Desham mante Matti kadhoi , manushuloi. That means nation is not the sand or the mud, it is the people who decide and elect the government of their choice. That is why every ruler should be people friendly and try to attend their woes.
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    In a democratic country, both the government and its people are responsible for the welfare and social development of the country. A single party cannot be blamed or pointed for its growth as it is joined contribution from both. Whenever a law or scheme or budget is made by the people in chair i.e. the government, needs to keep in mind of all the factor like the class, religion, masses etc so that everyone is benefitted by it and not only some which are seen nowadays for their political gain. Whenever a bill or law or guidelines is put forward by the government, the people have the right to question its enforcer if they find any loopholes and get it rectified. Along with it, the people are responsible to follow every rule and maintain peace and tranquillity in the country without hampering or disrupting others sentiment, religion or class. When both (Government and people) join hand, it can bring in development in the country.
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    A system consists of two entities. One is the ruler and other is the citizens. If any one of these errs then system fails because there is no cohesion between the two. In ideal situation both should be responsible and cooperative to each other.
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    Both have to be responsible for their duties and at the same time aware of their rights.
    If a king who is making rules for the public and giving them their duties also providing their rights all things will be no means if the king will not fulfill his own responsibility the same thing will be applicable for the public if they are asking for their rights then they should fulfill their duties also.
    Responsibility can not be pre-decided as a person played many roles in his/her life and during every role, one has to fulfill their duties and responsibility.
    But on the other hand, there is some responsibility has been decided by society and by the authority which all have to be responsible for their work, people should stop blaming and criticizing others but be responsible first.

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    A common man and the ruler both have their own responsibilities. The problem is, everybody is concerned about their rights only and they have to be reminded of their responsibilities from time to time. There are a lot of rules that we need to follow but we have to be reminded about it. If there is any relaxation shown many people have the tendency to break the rules. In that sense, I would say the rulers have an added responsibility and that is to see whether the common men are behaving in a responsible way or not.

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    Common man and ruler both are responsible for effecting the rule. If the ruler brakes the rule made by him there is no meaning in enacting the rule. Once a saint was approached by a mother that her small son eating more sweets and ask the saint to advise him suitably. The saint asked the mother to come with her son after a week's time. A disciple by his side asked the saint why he took one week's time to advise the boy instead of advising him on the same day. The saint replied that,'I am eating sweets now and without controlling me from the sweet taking, it is not good to advise others to stop eating sweets. I start to stop eating sweets now onward.'
    Similarly if the ruler resists from his responsibility he cannot punish or ask the common man while erring from the rule.

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