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    His post was just above the antenna

    I do not know where he is posted right now, but I am sure it's not above the antenna. Posting at a different location is a part of government jobs. In private jobs too depending on the requirement of the organization one can be posted at a different location than her/his hometown. He was my neighbour, quite senior to me but just like an elder brother. We used to play and chat for a long duration. His realization of various subjects and many aspects of life is something different from others and that's why he was very popular. Still, he is very popular and at times his comments and explanations are so humorous that it will make you laugh as well as think about it. This happened when I was a teenager. At that age, I was not much concerned about terminologies and used something very general to convey the message. I was very curious, like any other teenager, about his designation. Maybe, I think when people are young they remain fascinated by the designations of seniors. I asked him what his post in his office was. Here, I wanted to know the position he held in his job. He laughingly replied," My post is just above the antenna". The antenna is always fixed atop a building and when he used the term antenna, he meant he is in a very higher position.
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    I have not heard this phrase earlier but it seems to be a viable one for our common use. I remember in earlier times the TV antenna used to be the big cross like structure on our roof tops and we used to go there and adjust it sometimes to get the best reception but due to wind it often got disturbed from its position. So, if someone takes its highest position in place of 'top' then this type of nomenclature can be accepted for using it in our routine conversations.
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    The thread was more hilarious to enjoy because the heading created by the author was different and the content was so hilarious and also natural to the hilt. Some people compare their working experience with some kind tools or available elements. When I used to ask my grand mother as to what was grand father doing those days, she is to tell in Tamil. Gokarna Jilla, Tavala Taluka , Karandi office clark, Anda Vurutra Vanda sarastha. The way she described a cook to the level of big explanation has baffled many in our family and those who know the Tamil language would certainly enjoy this also.
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    The antenna used to be the tallest object in the houses who were having TVs earlier. Now Tata Sky is the tallest. One of my relatives in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh died due to electrocution while he was adjusting the antenna. He has not seen that a current wire was touching the antenna. I never know that this indicates the top position of a person in the office.
    We used to call one of a friend as an antenna because he was also very tall and thin. My uncle was a teacher. He was the tallest among the school teachers those days in that school. So students used to refer him as flagpost teacher.

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