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    Is the Coronona virus a course correction in our lives?

    One hundred and twenty days of being confined to one's house. Even the neighbor is now a suspect. One should wear the mask compulsorily and even wishing a friend from a distance of ten-foot without a mask is now considered strange and inappropriate. The Coronavirus has made each of us totally immobile. We cannot even welcome anyone home.

    There is another version to this whole thing. We had giant-sized egos. Today, the rich and the poor are equally affected. People who thought that they were so powerful are now running scared. They are now wishing others. They are somewhat kind to others. People have now understood that a single virus can change everything. More imporantly, hundreds of thousands of comparatively rich people are now helping the poor in some small way or the other. It is only due to such help that the society is perhaps a little more patient.

    So, is the course correction in our lives a correct interpretation?
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    Our world has changed a lot in the last few months. Thousands of people lost their lives. Millions of people are sick. All these have broken the havoc of a new coronavirus. And, the people who have survived the outbreak of this virus, their living habits have also changed completely. The virus first appeared in Wuhan city of China in December 2019. Since then, everything in the world has reversed.

    The coronavirus epidemic has left their loved ones forever unaware. It is having a very negative impact on our physical and mental health. Don't know how many jobs have ended. It is also difficult to say when the economy will be back on track. But this epidemic made it clear that in a difficult time the whole world is ready to stand together and support each other. Then, cannot we express this spirit and will to save the environment? We hope that we will erase the darkness of this time with a clean and green environment.

    Take a mug of tea and go to the balcony for a while, then the eye falls on such a sky, which appears to be stranger. So much blue sky, which we had not seen for years

    Similar pictures are being seen in all other cities in the world. There is no doubt that the new coronavirus has come as a time for the world. With this little virus, thousands of people have taken their bite. The condition of superpower like America has worsened. Amidst these challenges, one hundred percent truth is that this lockdown of the world has proved very favorable for nature. The atmosphere has been washed away. However, all these exercises are to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    It is not only a course correction in our life but a great lesson learnt that human beings are nothing in front of such threats of gigantic proportions and this incident which is still continuing with its full pangs is going to teach us many things that we did not learn in our whole life so far. People are simply baffled with the amount of precautions and safety measures that are to be adhered to in order to protect themselves and also help others to get out of the clutch of this deadly virus infection. This is a bitter learning but we have to accept it with full sincerity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Though for the time being mankind has been humbled by this tiny virus, but as the situation improves, things will be back to square one. We will continue to pollute the atmosphere, destroy nature, be in a rat race for jobs and education, and whatnot. A similar analogy can be drawn from 1918 when the Spanish Flu struck terror across the whole world. Mankind was devastated then. More than 5 crore people had perished. Soon after the epidemic was gone, mankind was back to doing what it did best, progress and more progress. It seems we didn't learn our lesson well then. The rapid industrialization that the world saw those days, culminated in World War 2 two decades later. So to think that we have learnt our lessons this time too will be foolhardy, as we will be back to the same cut-throat competition of daily living, once the virus subsides. In fact, it may lead to faster developments in every aspect of our living.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    This is an eye-opener for all human beings. The mankind that they can do anything and they are the supreme. No power in this universe can stop them. But nature showed its power and warned mankind that there is a limit for its tolerance also. Now everybody understood the power of nature. Many people lost their beloved people. Many lost their jobs and many are suffering for want of food.
    But at least now there is a difference in the thinking of the people. They understood what is life? Many people are trying to help people in need. They are understanding the ground realities. They are also understanding that money is not that all in our lives. We require helping nature and I hope they understood the importance of upkeeping nature and environment. Definitely it is more than a course correction.
    But how long people will remember this pandemic and will not restore to the practices which will spoil the atmosphere and create again and again such problems.

    always confident

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