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    When the fear is gone forever....

    Crystal grazing is a very interesting subject. The deadly virus will keep eating into our lives for another 180 days. The vaccine will be hopefully out by then.

    Every day, we would sit glued to television, praying that the numbers affected should come down. We all hoped that the astrology of a very young boy will come true. Nothing of that sort happened. The depressing pictures are there for all to see.

    Now, what will happen after the vaccine? Yes. Every single day, the temples all over India, will have millions thanking God that they are alive. The temple economy will start singing again. People will dip into their savings and go to visit their friends and relatives. The waiting lists in all trains will be at least forty percent more than normal.

    The Railways will make money through innovative ways. They have already made it clear that any train that runs for more than 200 kilometers will be only express trains. No passenger trains. The poor common man will grin and bear it. For example, if the day train that runs between Nagercoil and Coimbatore becomes an express train with limited stops, there will be thousands who will still travel by it. They would go to the nearest places and then travel by bus. People are simply fed up by being confined to their houses. The people will happily celebrate all the marriages. Even if the vaccine would cost Rs.6000/-, the poorest of the poor will some how find the money to fund it.

    It is just that people are simply fed up. We need to wait and see all the fun...
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    Due to Corona, the life of our normal human is stopped. It is true that the house is bored by sitting on the TV screen, but seeing both aspects of everything, it shows that there is not such a bad time as we are making it. Now, today we are with our families at home, the members who always wanted to live with each other but due to busyness and work outings such as could not give time to themselves and family members, today we are with them all day.

    I am not saying this is the best moment of life, but yes, even in the first time some such situation came in the world when things were not in our control, we fought and conquered at the beginning of last century, when the first world war was ending. Was, then a virus attacked the world. Which took a quarter of the world's population under its arrest. Today we know this pandemic as Spanish flu. In the entire world, five to ten crore people lost their lives due to this epidemic.

    Today is the same time only we have to be patient till the vaccine is made, we have to take care of social distancing. One thing hundred percent has been proved that it can be prevented from social distancing. The same weapon has been adopted in the countries which have controlled it. In India too, social distancing is being asked to do. And that's why the government had to lockdown.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    The imagination of the author is very correct. I am waiting for the vaccine to come. The moment I have it I will plan for a tour with my wife to Singapore or Bangkok. I am tired of sitting at home without moving out. Till February of this year, I was having at least one journey to the other state. But this is the six months since I moved out. My earnings depend more on my travel. I think many people will be feeling like me.
    I agree with Swati Sharma Madam that there are some positives also because of this tiny virus. we are having time to spend with family. We are moving close with our family members and that is helping us to have a better understanding. The biggest benefit is that the environment improved and pollution came down.
    The losses made by various service industries will get compensated. But we have to see how the manufacturing industry will cope up if there is an increased demand for their products. The people who lost jobs should also get back their jobs.

    always confident

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