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    Drastic reforms are needed in management of metro cities

    The Coronavirus has taught us the value of hygiene. The hapless municipal labor is out on the streets. They are fully protected and feel very happy to receive some tips for their service. Every single metro city is being cleaned up.

    However, not every city is Bangalore. This fabulous metro should become a model for other cities. It is a big million dollar question as to how the city is virtually enveloped with trees. The municipal staff are doing an excellent job. Bangalore should become the benchmark for even emerging metros like Vizag, Coimbatore, Nagpur and Cochin. We need more of trees everywhere. The management of all services should be totally private. In Chennai, we still see heaps of dust and the absolute rubbish in all places. People should become disciplined.

    For real change, public participation is a must. Let the committees be formed with volunteers from each locality and even micro-locality. The committees can evolve their own rules for better compliance and they should also be empowered to raise funds from their own services to get thrings done. There are retired lawyers, police officials, doctors and so on who can monitor and get the things done for free, in honorary capacities.
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    If we see the statistics of the COVID 19 cases major percentage of cases are from metros only. Why? The population density is very high here. Why? All the developments are being taken up in these metros only. That is the main reason. So it is high time to think of developing alternative cities so that the population will be uniform all over.
    Even in Hyderabad also the sanitary and housekeeping works are being done bu private agencies and that is why the hygiene is maintained. But the population of trees is less in Hyderabad when compared to Bangalore. That point is to be taken care of by the State government.
    Public participation in these community works is not picking up and I think it will take some more time for that concept to become popular.

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    For a long time there was a race to reach metros as people had to come to big cities for jobs, livelihood and other amenities. A driver gets hardly 4-5 thousand rupees salary in his village or town but can get 4-5 times of that when he comes to the metro. This has led to an alarming population increase in the metros which is not a healthy sign for a country having so much land and place available in towns and villages. I think the time has come when we have to diverge out from the big cities and metros to the villages and small towns as that can only ease up this situation. For doing that the industries have to be shifted to less crowded place and educational capacities in the metros and big cities are to be cut down and to be created in the remote places. Some drastic measures are required before the metros explode with this overloading.
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