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    There is nothing like working hard and enjoying it

    Being a housewife, sometimes, I am too much engaged in household works though I am still able to find some time for my hobbies especially the creative ones and I am much happy about that as they give us a particular satisfaction and fulfilment in life. After doing my PG due to various factors I could not opt for a job but kept my learnings continued through writing and other such activities. What I observed that when you are busy in work and remain occupied then your mind does not distract to destructive and negative alleys rather it remains focussed in the direction of the task in hand. But we should not take those jobs or tasks with stress or reluctance. We should do them happily. Hard work has its own charm and it is to be enjoyed rather than feared. What is the members opinions on this?
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    In my opinion a person gets happiness and satisfaction from his or her work only when it is done with interest and liking. Anything which is thrusted on us in which we are not interested cannot bring pleasure. In many families sometimes a child has no interest in science and he or she hates it but parents somehow pursue him to go for it and the result is disastrous. I know about one of my cousins who failed in class 12 science exam as he was composing Hindi poetry during the examination times. His guardians finally asked him to shift to humanities and later he got first class with high scores in his PG and became a professor.
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    Hard work is such a weapon with the help of which a person can make his path of success easy by killing an enemy like idleness.
    Nothing can be achieved in this world without hard work. Sitting - sitting just weaving dreams or cooking casserole does not accomplish the task. Rather, we have to study hard for this. Only then we get its fruit.
    All the famous people who have been in any field in the world, have achieved the position on which they are today only because of their hard work. It is said that If a hardworking person puts his hands to the soil, it will become gold and the lazy person will also touch the gold, then it will become mud.
    This is the importance of hard work. Those who are not afraid of hard work, the world is in their grasp. Those who are lazy and lazy are left to rub their hands. Every day a farmer works hard for many months in hard sunlight, only then the crop in his fields is waving green crop.
    If he does not work hard, his field will remain dry. This is just one example, this rule applies in every sphere of life. One principle of nature is that only if you work hard you will get fruit. This principle applies to all beings in the world, whether they are humans or animals.

    Swati Sharma

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    Sure, there is nothing like hard work, if you want to achieve success in your studies, job or career. However, there is one more aspect of hard work. As long as hard work pays, is rewarding, it is music to us and inspires us further to continue with the good work. But sometimes it is seen that hard work does not pay you immediately. Sometimes it appears to us that our hard work is going down the drain. In the corporate world, for example, for your hard work, someone else steals the credit. At all such times when we see that our hard work is not paying us, we often lose hope and get disheartened. It is at such times that we should always remember that there may be a delay in getting our due rewards, but then we will be ultimately rewarded for our hard work, patience and sincerity. We need to keep ourselves strong at such moments when the tide might seem to be going away from us.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    When your hard work results in success, your happiness will be touching the sky. The troubles we take for completing the task will be forgotten once we enjoy the fruits of our hard work and that will give us immense happiness. Sometimes we feel that we are working hard always but we are not enjoying life. But I feel real happiness and enjoyment will come to us with our success only.
    One should not do the works without concentrating on the work and without working out the details of the task on hand. If we do that, we may not be successful and we may have to taste bitterness. When we are doing with our work with the focus no other thought will come to our mind and we never give any chance to have a failure in work. So get happiness out of hard work and be successful.

    always confident

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