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    Managing the life without the wife

    I have seen some families where in the wife lives somewhere due to job postings and the husband and children are put at somewhere due to their studies and job requirements and thus the family is split apart. Mostly the banking jobs are subject to transfers every three year and likewise some departments have continued transfer of their employees to unknown destination to which they cannot accompany the wife to manage the home. So the male members of the house must learn all the chores of the home so that they need not depend on anyone and anytime.

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    You have started a very interesting discussion and it is difficult to restrain myself from responding. It is said that wife is life partner and one would like to see her in one's side wherever one dwells or indulges in social celebrations. A person without his wife at his side is seen with a big interrogation - Where is she? He has to unnecessarily answer the justification to all of them. People do not have any other thing to discuss and they would simply ask where she was and then only proceed ahead as if it was a prescribed ritual! Due to this problem if wife is not there some people even avoid going to social functions. Anyway keeping the hilarious aspects aside, life without wife, temporarily or permanently, is a tough and challenging situation.
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    You have taken a very good topic, I am happy that I am adding my thoughts, although you rightly said that wife has a value of her own, I believe that both husband and wife have importance in this relationship because this relationship Never been alone, both are together, only then only becomes husband wife's relation strong. An ideal husband and wife do not put any work burden on their partner. They live by cooperating in each other's work.

    Regardless of the most difficult situation, you do not blame your partner for any small or big mistake and also take responsibility for that situation yourself. When you also think that where you have missed something or made a mistake and take the initiative to improve it, then your relationship is ideal.

    I am part of a joint family and in my house, my Mother Papa, Uncle Aunty, Brother-Sister-in-law total of five couples live together and I am just saying that more credit goes to the wives, at the same time the cooperation of husbands contributes to strengthening the relationship.

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    Swati Sharma

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    It is very true that the home minister is the wife and it is very difficult to manage a house without her. Now, when we talk about being responsible and sharing the work for the family, it is the couple that has to decide what to do and how to manage. There are many families where the husband is away and visits only during festive vacation or once in a year like that of expatriates. The wife manages the house and takes cares of everything on her own. In the same way, there are families where the women of the house are away due to her good job and the husband takes care of the house. When we talk about equality, family and couple, it is the responsibility of both to take care of the house and make ways to run the house smoothly. The post actually highlights the typical orthodox feel that husband can be away and women need to take care of the house but now its changing and both needs to share equally in their responsibility. It may be true that husband or men of the house may find it difficult to manage but after few months, he will be able to manage and keep it as it was when the women of the house used to manage.
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    Swati Sharma
    Please remove one of the paras out of the first two in your response as the second para is the sheer duplication of the first one. That is unnecessarily increasing the length of the response.

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    A spouse is a must to lead a happy life. It is essential that a person should marry and enjoy life on earth. This is what God wants us to do. Leading a life without a wife or without a husband is illegal according to God's law. Not marrying would amount to a sin committed by human beings. Therefore, I strongly stand against the persons hating marriage. If one can understand and appreciate God's creation of two sex, male and female, they will think about their spouse in life.

    There could be many obstacles in life that are to be faced and experienced. That's what life is. If we think that life is only or joy and happiness, we are wrong. Life should be a combination of all difficulties and pleasures. At times, situations would warrant a man to keep away from his wife. To such individuals, reunion would be a great pleasure.

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    I don't see any logic behind keeping a family apart. Just for the sake of a job a happy family gets separated is nothing but stupidity. I can't tolerate it at least for my family. Man should earn so much money that his wife doesn't find it inevitable to eke out another source of income to support her family just because of her husband's incompetence in his responsibilities.

    I strongly believe in traditional system of family where husband earns for his family and his wife takes household chores and cares of kids but it doesn't mean that I'm against working women, rather, I'm hostile to male-chauvinism where woman not only works at home but also goes out to earn money for family. If man allows woman to do a job he must have to look after household chores as well and his wife can help him if she wants.

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    Living without a wife is very difficult. I always feel a lady can manage house as well as office work. But a male can't do both with the same ease a lady do it. So I feel we should not think of that. Always wife should be there with us,

    Today morning, I heard the news that the wife of a distant relative died due to heart attack. They both got married in the year 1980. That means they have completed 39 years together and they are in 40th year. Now that man is handicapped and he is alone now. Of course, his daughter and son are there. But how they can fit in the place of his wife. He says he never imagined a life without her. I too felt very bad and I conveyed my sympathies to him.

    WIfe living is one place and husband living in a different place is a big problem and I feel it is better to stay together rather than staying apart for a job.

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    In those families where the husband and wife are staying at different places due to their job posting the whole life is disturbed. There are two set ups and expenses would also increase. The charm of both doing the job would dissolve in that situation.
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