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    Show diplomacy in forgiving the enemies

    Some may not like the heading of this post but it is the fact that by showing diplomacy in forgiving the enemies, we are not only paving way for restoring the lost relations but also teaching them a hard lesson because it takes guts and courage to forget the past bitterness and try to extend hand of friendship to those who are our long standing haters and critics. Though it is not that easy to change the stance of the enemy . but a try can be made which would baffle the enemy who may be thinking of taking further wrong steps to defame. This way the society would be free from enemies and their ugly moves.

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    Interesting topic Sir, "forgive your enemies with diplomacy", it is understandable and looks right, but is it possible in every human being?

    Maintaining governance was the biggest challenge in ancient days. There were courtiers in every king's court. Those who used to play the bets of offering themselves in the eyes of the king.
    Some experts, apart from court culture, were also qualified in foreign affairs, they were considered diplomats. The great Chanakya, who had won half the world, stopped Alexander from entering India only on the basis of diplomacy.

    So we are right to say that if this quality works in every person at the right time, more than half of the problems will be eliminated, for this, humans should learn to remain calm, understand the background of life and start understanding human consciousness. Any person who wants to become a diplomat must understand the principles of analysis and synthesis

    In today's complicated, threatening world, our security depends on many elements of power - theoretical diplomacy is its ultimate essential component. "

    Swati Sharma

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    I would start with the quote of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." The quote stands very true as whenever someone does wrong to us, we feel the pain, anger and spleen that we just want to give it back to them in the same manner. In this way, we are pouring fuel in the fire that will again burn and destroy more than what it could be forgiving. It's easy to feel sorry for our mistakes but to forgive others is difficult but when we forgive it set free the prisoner in us. When Someone does wrong to us, we constantly think of it, mending ways to take revenge and our thoughts are in that process which destroys our inner peace but if we can forgive that person and move forward, it helps us to be calm and concentrate on our work and the wounds heal faster than thought. Once again, Mohanji, you have done it by being the first to post on the TOW contest post.
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    Diplomacy is a great art of tackling others which very few people possess. Though we had many discussions whether diplomacy is good or bad but it is one of the strongest arrow in one's quiver which can be used when required or desired. When used in a proper way diplomacy affects others instantaneously bringing truce and calm. The history of world is full of diplomatic persons who were instrumental in bringing out herculean tasks and projects just by their diplomatic efforts. Politics and leadership positions can not survive without diplomacy.
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    We should be always diplomatic with our enemies. We should not reveal the actual intentions in our mind and we should appear as if we are very much ready to face them. This diplomacy plays an important rule these days. Our Prime Minister won the battle without fighting with his diplomatic ways.
    To forgive our enemy is really great quality. Many people can't do it. It requires a lot of courage and confidence. If you forgive your enemy, he may not take it as a good gesture and he may try to hit you again. So we should be very careful and we should show our strength and then forgive. Probably this is the diplomacy we have to show when we forgive our enemies.

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    Particularly, it is the opinion of the author of the thread. On the theme said in the thread, there is a poem in "Sumati Satakam". But, in society, the situation is contrary to the ideal nature of forgiving enemies. Come to our nation, why did China become crucial to our country? our country fought with China in the previous year. Our country forgot this but China put it into their mind against starts to be enemy in the form of killing soldiers without any reason. Recently, it has happened that Colnel Santhosh's death in the hands of China soldiers. If the forgiveness becomes common then automatically nature also protects all of us by putting outside of this pandemic COVID-19.
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    Mohan, I agree with you to the title of your thread. It requires all courage to forgive the enemy, but will this help them learning anything.
    I have to add here that if you want to forgive your enemy then wait for the right time and once the time arrives to let him know what he had done in the past and still you have forgiven him. It is human instinct that they intend to forget what they have done in the past if at all it has hurt some. On the other hand, life seldom permits you to come across the enemies.
    People pardoned without understanding what was the outcome of this action will not fetch what one desires, and if you want to just pardon a person to be saintly, it is entirely a different matter.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Forgiving does not need any diplomacy. It just needs an attitude and willing mind to forgive.
    Diplomacy is needed to deal in a difficult situation where some issue is to be settled or dealt with two or more persons or teams involved and each have some stake on the matter. Diplomacy is also needed to disclose or divulge something which can be unwelcome to someone.
    But forgiving involves only one person-the forgiver. The other will happily accept that. Diplomacy would have been necessary for the other person if the other person wanted to as forgiveness.
    If one can forgive another that is an act of nobility no diplomacy needed here.

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    One of the tactics followed in a diplomatic mission may be to forgive the enemies keeping in mind the positive outcome but other than such mission the enemies can always be forgiven. If forgiving the enemy can turn the enemy into your friend it's good but you need to be cautious. The purpose of forgiveness is to end enmity and who wants to increase the number of enemies? Unfortunately, nobody wants enemies and equally many cannot forgive the enemies. It is like both way communication. If the same gesture is not reciprocated by the other side, the conflict remains and the enemies remain enemies only.

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    It is a crucial decision which can be taken by a diplomatic person. If forgiving an enemy paves to betterment in relationships then we can forgive but if it is for their momental needs for their personal benefit, then forgiving becomes a bane than a boon.
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