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    Is it right to have bath after meal?

    A bath in the morning is essential for all. It freshens our mind and body after the night-long sleep. Yet there are people who take meals first and then take a bath immediately after meals. I think it is a wrong practice. A bath, immediately after the meals would affect our health.

    What do you say? Is it right to take bath after meals? Do you bath after the meals? What is your experience?

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    I usually take a bath before meals. But then I believe, as long as you are healthy it does not matter which comes first, the bath or the meal. I remember, in my younger days, when I used to go for swimming, it was soon after having a hearty (full stomach) breakfast. There was no other way actually since the pool timings were such. Anyway, even with a full stomach, swimming for an hour or so, we never had any issues with our health. Let me also mention that it was mandatory for us to have a complete shower before and after the swimming session. So you see if you are healthy no issue when you bath, you may even bath at night time.
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    It is said that it is not good to take a bath immediately after having any meal as more energy is required for digestion of food and thus when we take a bath just after having food, the blood around the stomach flows to other parts of the body decreasing the body temperature and hampering the normal digestion process. Many do take a bath after having food but it is better to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes. As our daily routine is changing day by day due to workload and other factors, it cannot be fully adhered but can be followed whenever possible for better digestion of food and good health. According to Ayurveda, the energy required for digestion is diverted to the skin to maintain the temperature of the body during bathing which is riving the body's natural cycle and in turn brings in health problems in the form of acidity, ulcer, gas, etc.
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    It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after the meal. I remember an event in my life. Three of my office colleagues went to Goa's beach. They had a good sea bath. After the bath, they filled their belly with Chicken Biriyani. Immediately after their lunch, one guy, an excellent swimmer, went into the sea again for a bath. Others were relaxed. Alas! He did not return till 5 p.m. His dresses were with his friends. His friends searched for him. He could not be traced. Finally, the guys reported to the police. The search mission was on. The next morning, his body was found floating at sea.

    This was due to his swimming immediately after taking meals. Though he was an excellent swimmer, he could not swim comfortably after the meals.

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    I agree that it is not good to have a bath after eating. It is always advisable to have a bath before we go for our breakfast. We should eat after getting ourselves cleaned properly. It is also good to have a neat dress when we eat.
    Probably it is difficult to swim after eating. Generally, we all feel sleepy after having a portion of good food. That is why many people will have a nap after lunch. That will make them fresh. Here the issue is cleanliness rather than anything else.
    I don't think any health issues will be there if we practice taking a bath after a meal. All depends on the individual's practice and thinking.

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    Meal is considered to be the sacred food bestowed to us for the day by the grace of God so we are duty bound to be have bath and then have the meal. There are people who take bath often or say at least three times a day and that is left to their privilege and practice. Those who have the habit of doing the morning exercise, walking and other exercises including yoga , gardening etc, which exerts inner pressure from us and therefore sweating is also possible and we getting tired is for sure. And having a bath would bring in freshness within us and having the food after bath would be considered and deserved.
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    We have been listening to this since childhood and followed it that take bath first then have food. Now it becomes our habit which seems good as per both Scientifically and Spiritually. Our family elders always said that take bath then worship and then eat food otherwise God will not fulfill your wishes so we believe on this and follow it without any questions but after some time, got to know science also agreed with that because after having food our body generates energy which also helps in digestion of food but if we take bath after having food then all entry will be exhausted . So I believe that have food before the bath is not a good idea.
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    I do not believe in myths behind this activity, but I get stomach ache if I bath right after eating something. So I clearly do not want to do this activity. I wonder if the same happens to everyone. Swimming or bathing after eating is definitely hurting to me. I imagine this is because of how dense water actually is and how hard it can push your bulging stomach in. Even during casual showers, we dump liters of water upon us, which translates to kilos of force. If you have just eaten, your stomach will bulge and its area decreases. This increases the pressure on that area and you feel pain perhaps.
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    These things are prescribed in our culture as a lot of research was done by the earlier scholars who found that any exercise after food like bathing or swimming or running is not conducive to a good digestion as sufficient blood flow towards digestive organs would not be available and evacuation time would also accordingly increased sometimes creating constipation in the process. Another important aspect is hygiene. When we bath before food we get our body completely clean and it is always good to wash the body parts before the food. Sometimes established age old practices cannot be scientifically justified but if there is logic in them, why not to follow.
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    A bath before a meal is accepted and after the meal, a nap after a break of half an hour gives relief to the body and mind.
    If a person works hard in a sunny area or if he has worked in a dusty area, it is better to complete the bath and then has a meal.

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    I have been told from childhood that bathing immediately after meals is not good for health. So I do not take bath immediately after bath or at least before two hours after a meal. Later on I had read and understood from different sources that it is not good to take bath just after meals.

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