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    Why do women carry bag or purse?

    Why do women carry purse or bag on their shoulder or in hand when they go out of their homes. What are the specific reasons only ladies can explain but what I think is that they need to carry their make up kit, mirror, hanky, mobile, money as they don't have pockets in their clothes and sometimes napkin/pad as well. Interesting thing is that many of them choose their bag which has the same colour of their clothes. These ladies are extremely conscious of colour matching and it's not confined to bag only, even their bangles etc are of the same colour.

    Men are free from these paraphernalia in their normal life, however, office-goers, marketing personnel and students can be seen carrying bag on their back or suspending on their shoulder.
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    Women are more beauty conscious than men. Therefore, a bag in hand helps them to carry the essentials to make themselves good with their look. Also, as they do not have any pockets like men, they prefer to carry a small purse with them.
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    When men go out they are bothered for their identity card, sometimes Aadhar and PAN card and many of them keep a pen also and some cash in the purse. Some men even keep a small comb in their back pocket. If they are going for some work they often keep a portfolio bag for keeping the documents and important papers like bank account passbook and cheque book etc. Women are traditionally away from these things (though modern women are also carrying these things and that is the common site) and were seen to go out with only a vanity bag type of thing in their hands. So, that practice is still persisting in the society.
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    When a gent goes out he has to carry his identity cards, purse and a kerchief. The cell phone is anyhow a part of our body everybody. So their dresses are designed in a way that they will have pockets where they can accommodate all these items.
    All the above-said items are required to ladies also. But they don't have any pockets to their dresses. Hence they have to carry a bag to keep all the items. It is good if the bag is hanging on their shoulder so that chances for getting it somewhere will be less. They may have to carry some additional item also that is why they may go for a bigger handbag.
    If the mother has to carry her child also with her, she has to carry items required to the child also. In such a case they may require a bigger bag. So they choose the size of the bag based on their need.

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    The reason for women having a hand bag or purse with them is to have all their personal belongings in that as they do not have the options to have the packets like we have in our pants two on the front side, two on the back side and even we have a packet on the shirt. Whereas women who wear half sari, saree or even the shirt salwar does not have the option to store anything and thus need a hand bag to store. And having a hand bag can store many things and they can keep the money and material securely and they also keep other make up accessories for getting ready from the work place and vice versa,
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    I think it is a traditionally formed habit in most of the societies as women take their things in a hand purse or small bag. I remember in villages women used to carry ordinary cotton bags when they went out so that if they buy something they would keep that in the bag. As they did not have pockets in their dress like saree or gown, hey were forced to keep their money also in the same bad after putting it in a pouch like thing.
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    A female's purse is like a treasure and to find anything is like a treasure hunt. I also use a handbag whenever I step out. I keep my mobile, earplugs, keys, bank cards, driving license, sunglasses, a pen and a notepad always in it. The input of other things depends upon the reason why I am going out. I also keep a small water bottle, few safety pins, some folded carry bags (for random unplanned shopping), etc in that bag.

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    My wife takes a small handbag usually. She keeps a lot of things inside that. They are all useful and come to help in many situations. As for makeup items she only keeps a small hand mirror and comb and bindi (kumkum). She keeps extra safety pins, small multipurpose knife, water bottle, a small packet of biscuit or a few chocolates, few pieces of wet tissues etc apart from handkerchief, mobile phone and a little money. In travel all these come to help.

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    To say this can also be called an exaggeration, but it is true that a girl walks in her bag covering her whole world. Everything he needs throughout the day is in his baggage.
    They try to go well wherever they go. Be it presentable, be it a meeting or an outing. Girls who are vigilant about their fitness and spend most of the day out of the house, keep dry fruits, snacks, energy bars, or fruits in their bags. Leki you can't just say She keeps a girl's bag. Sometimes some men also use different bags to keep many things with them but yes I also agreed that it is a traditionally formed habit in most of the societies as women take their things in a hand purse or small bag

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    That is a good habit which should be followed by gents also from them. It is the habit in them by blood. We many people especially gents do not carry handbags, purse and do have pocket in shirts and suffering as any thing when the planned to buy something seen in the market. My younger brother in Madurai used to a cloth bag always in his pant packet which helped him a lot. Besides this we should have a practice of having cloth bag with us always as well as a pen for using in urgent. As we are all addict to mobile phones we are not carrying anything other than mobiles that too the mobiles are keeping in hand.

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    I see lots of women carry a purse or bag whenever they go outside. Because most of them don't have a pocket. So they can't keep the money in a safe place. And that's why they carry the bag or purse.

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