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    National Parents day in India.

    Fourth Sunday of July every year is celebrated as Parents Day in India. Today is the parents day 2020.

    Parents are the people who are responsible for our birth on this earth. They are the living Gods whom we have seen. Respecting them and taking blessings from them is always good for the children. On this day I pay my respects and solutions to my parents who are instrumental for my success in my life so far. I am happy that both of my parents are living and blessing me every day.

    Parents require the services of their children mainly during their old age. They held our hand when we are kids and taught us how to walk. So it is our responsibility to hold their hands when they need in their old age. They need a word and a hug from their children more than money in their old age. Let us all see that they never miss them during their old age.

    I wish all the members of ISC a happy parents day.
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    Happy parents day to everyone. I was not aware of this day but thanks to the author for the information. Parents are very important in our lives. They nurture us, bring up us, give us all the facilities and then just forget about all that good things done to us and enter their old age silently. How can we repay them for their care and feeding that they did to us for those long years. Should we forget them or take care of them? This is a question the present generation should ask themselves and get the answer honestly. We even owe to the people who have helped us occasionally then why not owe to the parents.
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    Good that a day has been allotted in the honor of our parents to whom we are all deeply indebted for their nurturing and making us this big to stand on our own decide things with our own consciousness. We may be educated and even be holding big posts, but when we see the parents, we have to bow our head at their feet. In this regard I always cherish our Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he bows his head in front of the mother when ever he happens to visit her. Lucky are those who have the parents on this day and they have the chance to take the ashirwad from them instantly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The author has spoken of a very good and honorable day, every human being, irrespective of his age, is still indebted to his parents and lives for a lifetime. It is very appreciated to bring this special day idea for those parents.
    Parents always love their children selflessly, make countless sacrifices and sacrifices for their bright future, hence they are considered as another form of God on earth
    Of course, no one else can take the place of parents in the world and no one can make sacrifices and sacrifices like them, so on Parents Day, make sure to express to your parents how important they are in your life.
    Apart from this, every day we should thank our parents by giving them, love and care.
    I would like to wish All Parents In the Planet --- Happy Parents Day.............

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    It is interesting to note that there is such a day dedicated to the parents. It shows evidently as how important the parents are in our lives. I wish a happy parents day to all the members of the ISC family.
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