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    Population and energy consumption in India is continuously increasing

    There is no doubt that the fast growing population is consuming resources for sustenance and amenities, rather it is causing serious problems like environmental pollution and climate change.

    In such a situation, the question is how to balance between the growing population and energy supply? The question is also what should be India's next strategy keeping in mind the environment and future generations. Also, how much dependence does India currently have and how can it be changed?

    I believe that at this time the world is fighting the corona and is looking for ways to finish it, but we should also pay attention to this why this is also a matter of concern in the future, can the ordinary citizen contribute anything in this matter? is ?
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    India is the developing country on all counts and our population is going on increasing day by day and the demand for fuel, power and other basic needs are also on the rise. Due to this population explosion there is a need for bifurcating big states into small one for more concentration on regional imbalance. But what I feel that this corona virus a created a fear complex within the many people and they are distancing themselves even between the new married couples and therefore there would be controlled population growth from now onward. Nevertheless the state and central govt must create basics for the people to live and flourish,
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    Our big population is a matter of grave concern as within the limited resources it is difficult to provide shelter, food and employment to so many people in our country. Whether educated or uneducated the problem of unemployment is everywhere. No Govt can do miracles in this situation. There are some essential steps that are to be taken boldly by the Govt and the first and foremost is to control the population and it is high time that there should be a restriction on having more than one child in every family. After this the next thrust has to be the thrust on agriculture and villages and in this context it is necessary that urban growth is to be stalled and resources are to be diverted to the villages. Let the new recruits in any area go to villages and towns and crowding in the big cities is to be reduced. Private industries should not be allowed in the vicinity of the metros and big cities and they must be located in remote and village areas where private schools and colleges can also think of opening their branch. This is the time that we have to channelise the masses towards small places rather then everyone going to big places for a small job.
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    The population is increasing. Their wish for luxuries is increasing. Nobody wants to sleep without an AC in their bedroom. We will not see any office without AC. Even in villages, we are finding ACs in many houses. Fans, TVs, refrigerators, pumps to overhead tanks. Submersible pumps for water, electric cookers, grinders, mixies, electric ovens, air dryers. All these require electric power. So the consumption of electricity is also increasing.
    Earlier days we used to have many power cuts. In villages, there were power cuts for more than 6 to 7 hours also. Now solar power has come and there are no power cuts even in villages also. Thanks to the BJP government in the centre.
    Everybody should plan their family in such a way that they can bring their children without any problem. More than 2 children should not be allowed irrespective of their caste and religion. Then only we can control this population increase to a reasonable extent.
    Coming to the power consumption we should not waste the same and when it is essential only we should use power for productive ways only.

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    Very good question and this kind of question comes to many people's minds. So, unfortunately with the rise of population and overexploitation of resources, it becomes a challenge to manage resource consumption and thus causing more pollution. The coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc in changing the normal lives of the people and rendered many people unemployed. It is a matter of concern unless the pandemic can be controlled and people are vaccinated. There are some ways that will change for the future like using masks, social distancing, less road traffic, less pollution. But do you think that the pandemic effect will be permanent? No, after the pandemic is over after everybody getting vaccinated, people will start leading a normal life and more pollution and exploitation of resources will happen. Even in the lockdown also, most people are at homes and working from homes for which electric power consumption increases. Hopefully, there are some strategies that will minimize pollution and exploitation of resources and that is the use of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, biomass, etc. The use of renewable energy resources will help to mitigate environmental pollution. Also, you may have heard about upcoming technologies that may shape the world such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet Of Things, etc. With the adoption of these renewable resources and new upcoming technologies, there will be a sophisticated way of managing resources. Also, the population will be controlled in the future. But are people adopting technologies and renewable resources now? No, because it will be a huge cost to adopt these means by Indian citizens. Why? India is majorly concerned about the economy now which is damaged due to Prime Minister's Modi's adoption of various schemes like Demonetization, GST, etc. and due to Coronavirus Pandemic But in future, hopefully, nonrenewable resources and technologies have a great demand in future. As demand will increase, more people use it, the cost will drop down, the environmental problem can be solved, the competition will rise and there will be saturation in everything.

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    With the ever-growing population of our country the need for energy and other input supplies is going to increase tremendously and it is going to be a big problem to arrange that type of resources for the citizens here. We have to keep a stop on population increase. There is no other go.
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