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    India is among the worst countries in world (ITUC Index)

    International Trade Union Confederation is worlds largest trade union federation, found in 2006.
    The Index released by ITUC ,where India among the 10 worst countries.

    Total 140 countries were included.

    The reasons attributed by the organisations, for India's rank are -
    the strike by the workers , non-promotion of privatization etc.
    This report shows that people in India are anxious not only for getting employment but also about facilities after getting employment. According to the report, workers are not paid enough, the right to speak is given less nor justice is given.

    These kinds of reports make us think that India which is a developing country, does its performance at the international level like this should be justify ? What changes required for this improvement our rank in ITUC.
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    Let us not believe in these surveys and ranks. The ranks will be given based on some points they consider and they never see the overall performance. At the same, I am not telling you to ignore the facts which are to be corrected. Due to the policies adopted by our country until PV Narasimha Rao came to power, there is no industrialisation and there are no foreign investments. Many industries which are in the public sector were sick. They never adopted productive measures. But Narasimha Rao started the liberalisation policy and there is some change in the country's development.
    Post Corona, we may see some changes in the country. There may be big investments from foreign establishments in India and that may give a boost to the number of jobs and chances are plenty to create more jobs,
    But one thing is true. Many young people try for a job and the moment they are in a position they start thinking about their comforts and other benefits and never think of their contributions. This trend should change. Another point is disparities between the top people's salaries and the wages of persons working on shop floor. There is a big gap and this should change.

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    Thank you so much for your response sir, you are correct with your views and I appreciate your points, but on the other hand, it is also the duty of citizens and government to give a good rank to India's position on the world stage. so I feel everyone should work for the best.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    We talk of honesty, dedication and other attributes essential for an employee but once we get employment, all such attributes become the affair of the past. We mainly ignore the tasks and objective of the company and become concious of our comforts. In terms of production, the public sectors and so the private ones are not performing well mainly because of labour problem. This situation cannot be improved unless the workforce gear up to achieve the production set by the companies.
    Though the past culture of the organisations has changed with the greater involvement of the workforce in the recent years, but still there is the scope of further improvement. In view of larger population of India, there should be better scope of employment with the opening of new industries and the economy will improve only with the better participation of the workforce.

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