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    Recharging and refreshing to tackle the next task

    When the battery of our laptop or smartphone or some other gadget starts draining out, we quickly plug it in, to recharge it. When we are not getting connectivity, we hit the refresh button. What about ourselves? It is nice to take a break from some work and rest so that we are able to continue and complete that task later or be ready to tackle the next task at hand.

    So how do you recharge and refresh yourself? Get away from gadgets and pick up a book or the newspaper or a magazine? Still remain glued to the gadget but listen to music or watch a short video? Take a nap? Have a cup of tea or coffee perhaps?
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    Refreshment is very much required from the regular schedule. In fact, even in a single day, we should take a break after finishing some tasks and then start the next. It allows us to feel fresh and work actively. In the morning hours, I take a break and sit in my balcony with a cup of coffee and a book or a newspaper. Nowadays, we are not having newspapers so I play some songs on mobile and sit quietly for a while. My evening hours include some refreshment games with my son including Jhenga (a wooden blocks based game), chess or Chinese checker. Many times, I also watch Tom and Jerry episodes on Youtube with him and both of us laugh a lot. He innocently says, "Mumma aapke zamaane ke cartoon kitne zyada funny hote the".

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    Any activity done monotonously would bring tiredness in us. We must take some break periodically to freshen up ourselves. It is very essential otherwise we would be much stressed with the unnecessary load that we take due to stretching work hours.
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    Yes, a break after completing work and before we go for a new job is very much needed. There are many ways to have a break. Just going through the WhatsApp messages or videos is also a big refresher for our mind. Going through a light reading book is another way to get charged up.
    For me, the recharger is my granddaughter. Playing with her for some time will make me active and forget the tiredness and gives energy for starting another work. The questions she asks with an innocent face will make to talk to her for some time. That is why it takes a little more time to complete my works. But I enjoy my time with her.
    Another way is to give some stimulation to our mind. We can do that by having a cup of coffee or tea while watching a good video which makes us laugh. Listening to some songs while doing some work also will give additional enthusiasm towards the work.

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    Actually, I don't think about the break in my life. I get my break automatically without my request. Just have a look at my life at ISC. I work hard, I think well, post threads, post responses continuously without any break. And ISC gives me a break for a few days without my demand or request. That break helps me to recharge and refresh for the future. I Hope ISC and its members understand my breakpoints. Yet I am happy and leading a smooth and happy life on earth, especially at ISC.

    With regard to short breaks during a day, while working with gadgets, it is very essential to have a break once in 30 minutes. just stand, twist your arms and sip water or juice.

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    My breaktime is changing every day based on my home and with schedules. I hardly get time for a nap once in a fortnight. A break to drink water is quite common. The gadgets are eating away most of my time but I never forget to charge my mobile even though I forget my breaks.
    This thought has made me think once again with regard to taking a break, will try to reschedule my daily routines henceforth.

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    Every person wants to do as much work as possible in the race to achieve more in less time. The result is an increase in the problem of head, eyes, spine, digestive system, waist, etc.
    Working is the way to reach the goal of our life, but if a little rest is not done in the middle, then running behind the goal does not give the goal.
    We need to change our strategy on time, demand increases and decreases with time and the same happens with us.
    Today's demand is probably more work and less rest, then maybe tomorrow's demand that more work be done today
    But taking a break in the middle of work is as important as silencing termites before work.
    We are writers and we always have to increase our thinking power, so breaks are necessary from time to time.

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    In business management, one thing is specifically taught and that is called job enlargement and job enrichment. That is how to make the job more and more interesting and attractive and at the same time that should result in more productivity and expansion of the said business. Many managers are able to achieve it and that is where the small breaks and hiatuses matter most. I have seen efficient managers to listen to a song for 3-4 minutes and sometimes taking a brisk walk in the corridor and then outside lawn and then coming back to their sitting place only in 3-4 minutes. They sometimes stop the work and talk to their sweetheart for 3-4 minutes. They even stand up and stare outside the glass windows for 3-4 minutes. These 3-4 minutes intervals, a few times in a day are the crucial rejuvenating short breaks in their workplace and they claim that they keep their energy in tact with these indulgences. It seems small breaks are necessary for long time performances in one's career.
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    A short or long break in the middle or after a task is completed is refreshing and rejuvenating to many. Everyone has their way of recharging themself after long working hours or studying which will not only help to bounce back with more energy or vigour but also helps to come up with good and creative ideas that will help to make the task or work easy. Even for students who are studying for long hours, taking a short break helps to gain concentration and feel relax. When we are doing anything for long hours, we feel exhausted and drained in the same way as the battery of our gadgets and need recharging at regular interval. The same is the case of our body and requires recharging in the form of refreshment like music, games, movies, walk, exercise, gardening, cooking, chat with friends, etc that helps to refreshen our mind, thoughts and body. I have the habit of taking a short break and take a round of the office, have a cup of tea/coffee and even run through my WhatsApp while working or in the office. when I am in my room, I prefer taking a break by having a short stroll outside or listening to good songs or music.
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    Well, when the battery is draining out you need to recharge your battery. Here let me consider this draining out of our battery as tiredness. If I feel too tired, I take a rest for a while. Now when it's time for refreshment, that is taking a break, either I listen to the music or take a walk inside my house after splashing some water on my face. If you are constantly looking at the screen of your mobile device or laptop it is always better not to strain your eyes further during a short break. It's better to listen to music rather than watching any kind of videos or reading anything.

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    Yes, our body system needs to be recharged with the proper rest similar to charging of battery on its drainage. Once it is refreshed with a proper rest, the mind can function at its peak level. It has been seen that prior to rest, the mind was so tired that it could not provide a feasible solution for a particular problem. But once it was on the rest mode, it functions in a better way. The other alternative to refresh the mind is to take a break from the gadget we are working and splashing our face with abundant water particularly the eye areas to tone up the adjacent nerves. You can enjoy music as well for the time being to refresh your mind. These are the effective ways to recharge the entire nerves exhausted during the process of work.

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    Normally my way of life for daily routines are fixed and happening and I plan it in such a way that things get done for sure and if not today it is done tomorrow. And this confidence could come because of moving with the people and having their total trust on me. We have to create space for us in every bodies life so that they feel happy when we visit them. Whenever I am down and uneasy with the life, go to the nearby relative house and play with small children present there. One is the nine year old girl and other is the seven month girl child so cute and blessed child. I forget my sorrows and breakdowns of life by playing with them for few minutes and surely come out with refreshed mind and change of attitude. Now I am fresh and ready to take further actions to which no one can stop me or take on me.
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