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    Whether or not planets have an impact on human life

    The question that arises in the mind of every logical person is how a planet or constellation can impact on human life and change their life and how a planet can be bad in someone's horoscope and good in someone's horoscope while the planet is Exists and has the same effect on the earth.

    The influence of the North and South Pole of the Earth rest same on the entire Earth and the Earth draws all the objects to a limit. The arrival of tides in the sea is also an effect of the attractiveness of the sun and the moon.
    I believe that when we talk about having an effect, it means that a rooted object, whether it is a moon, has an effect on another root object, whether it is sea water or our stomach water. But if we can keep our mind and thoughts under control then this effect will not give negative effect. Religious rules are so that a person lives a healthy life by avoiding the effects of weather and planets. Please you all also give your opinion in this subject.
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    It is a scientific fact that tides are happening due to Moon's influence. We get the light of Sun and from Moon and various Stars. That means energy is coming to Earth from planets and stars. Similarly modern scientific instruments have observed that electromagnetic or radio waves from other planets and Stars and Galaxies reach Earth.
    The common word for mentally deranged people is lunatic. That comes from 'Luna' which means Moon. It is believed and evident that Full Moon and New Moon have aggravating effect on such people. The full Moon and New Moon also impact on tides, and weather changes.
    So I am convinced that Moon has its influence on humans and similarly other planets too. Though they are far distant than Moon, they are much larger in size too.
    Astrology has accepted and has the basis that planets influence human life.

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    Astrology has certain propositions mentioned for the effects of the planets on human life. We do not know how the modern science explains or condemns that but there are a large number of people who believe in astrological principles based on the effect of planetary bodies on us. They have in fact linked it to our birth time and date and based on that the horoscope is prepared which is a prediction of our fate and destiny.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The effect of planets on life on this is proved beyond doubt. Sun is giving us heat and trees are making their food from Sun rays only. If there is no Sun, trees can't survive and if there are no trees any life on earth as we will not have natural air here. So we should accept that planets have a big say on our lives. In addition to light electromagnetic radiation are also coming to earth from the planets only.
    These planets are not stationary. They will be moving around the sun. This moment is also giving some change in the atmosphere of the earth. So we should believe that the planets have an impact on human beings on earth.

    always confident

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    We can divide the whole knowledge of the world in two broad categories. First is scientific ones which can be explained by experiments, reasoning and logic. Second is based on the observations of some scholarly people but science has nothing to do with those ares as it is difficult to prove them scientifically as they are beyond the realm of logic and rationality. It does not mean that we should dismiss them. No, knowledge in any form is a welcome and only thing is it has to be understood in its own stride. Another interesting thing about these areas is that the human beings would always be doubting about their efficacies and would go on discussing endlessly whether they are correct or not. As no one can prove them right and no one can prove them wrong, they fall in the well of ambiguity, doubt and confusion. But to conquer these fears faith and belief is required and if one has a faith and belief in them then the discussion ends.
    Knowledge is power.

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