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    Diplomacy is intelligent factor in leaders

    To know the example for "Diplomacy", old classical movies will give more information. In Telugu movie " Mahamantri Timmarasu", Sree krishnadeva raya, king of Vijayanagar dynasty. To fight against Gajapati king, minister Timmarasu made a diplomacy between these two kingdoms. Can anyone expect that diplomacy? That is the marriage of Krishnadev raya with the daughter of Gajapathi king. It seems to be astonishment. Such diplomatic relations were maintained among the kings in India before independence. Now also, our nation has diplomatic relations with other countries to prevent from the wars and to attract investments from other countries.
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    When NTR was separated from TDP and Chandra Babu Naidu has become the chief or TDP, many people were thinking that his contacts with NTR family will get closed. But Naidu is very diplomatic and gave importance to his party to two sons of NTR. Later on, he made his son marry the granddaughter of NTR ( The daughter of Balakrishna who is the son of NTR) WIth these diplomatic moves his party got more bonding with NTR's family and he never removed the photo of NTR from his party. So the fans of NTR and Balakrishna always moved with TDP only but not with the new party started by Lakshmi Parvati and NTR.
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    Diplomacy has always been playing an important role in Indian politics.
    The success of diplomacy lies in the fact that the enemy should not discover the hidden motives behind the trick. Like chess in diplomacy, all the king's routes are closed and abruptly fueled and it is too late to save him. The secret of old tricks is understood only after getting the check.

    Meetings at the level of Lieutenant General and Major General between officers posted along the border after the incidents in Galvan and Sikkim failed. The work of negotiation and reconciliation agreement is with the diplomats and it is better to hand over the command to them and the National Security Advisor.
    Experts of foreign policy, international relations, and strategic policies have believed that war is the last way for any country to preserve its sovereignty and integrity. No matter how weak the enemy is, both sides suffer losses in battle. It is the responsibility of diplomats that there should be no direct war between the armies and resolve the issues in non-military ways. That is why foreign ministries and ambassadors working in them are needed. As far as India and China are concerned, there are also several platforms to discuss and resolve diplomatic relations and issues related to the border.

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    Diplomacy plays a big role in maintaining relations with other countries or with rulers. It is often seen that the rulers are welcomed with utmost care and protection. We have seen our Presidents, PMs and other government officials visiting other countries for trade and amicability of the country. Even we have diplomates of other country visiting here in the name of the trade, friendship and investment. Every ruler plays the diplomate role to safeguard and protect their kingdom or country from locals, borders and other countries.
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