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    Diplomacy is mostly rewarding!

    Most of the time the word 'Diplomacy' is considered to be negative as many anticipate that through this action one gets his/her work accomplished with ease and selfishly. Mostly it is! But it is many times to avoid concentration with other whom you love and respect.
    Post marriage Bridegroom has to use it to keep the fire between his mother and newly wedded wife. If the groom is not able to use diplomacy there are situations wherein he is caught between his wife and mother is a situation which comes to be most troublesome.
    Through diplomacy we can keep our relations intact and healthy!
    At place of work also diplomacy comes to be handy and rewarding. It does not take much of thinking but a keen vigil over the surrounding and people involved. If one is able to understand the nature and liking of the others he/she can get rewards through diplomacy.
    But never try to learn diplomacy from politicians as they are not diplomatic but they are opportunists!
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    Diplomacy is a tool to get our works done without hurting or paining others. The people will use their wisdom in asking the other man to do some work in such a way the other person will do that work wholeheartedly for you. When we call some person and if we tell him that he is the only person who can do that successfully. he may feel happy and do the work cautiously so that he will complete the work successfully. At the same time flattering the other person may not pay dividends always. So we should be diplomatic when we are in a position responsible for executing the works.
    always confident

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    Diplomacy is the softest weapon that we can use to kill the snake without breaking our stick. People use it, especially who have expertise and experience in it. Everyone cannot be a diplomat. It requires patience and endurance.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Diplomacy is an ancient game of politics and has been accepted in the political arena for many human generations. Politics affects public life and instills its virtue in the public. Through scientific research and common experience, it has been found that the virtue which continues to be acceptable in nature for a few generations, is also absorbed in genes and becomes a permanent human virtue. Therefore, through diplomacy, deception has been absorbed into the genes of common people and has become a permanent human trait. This has resulted in the abuses of human character which have been absorbed in its definition.

    Character degradation affects human life in many ways. Above all, this side effect blocks the development of human civilization. Civilization development is related to the entire human race and not to any individual. Its benefit is also to the gross mankind and not to any individual or class. Therefore, no selfish person contributes to this, it is only due to loyalty to human society from the spirit of benevolence. When the majority of human society is engulfed in the pit of selfishness due to character collapse, then no one can contribute to the development of human civilization.

    Swati Sharma

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    Sure and planned diplomacy is the great art through which a country, society and even the human being inside the home can live peacefully. War is not the solution for a amicable settlement of issues, but a sure diplomacy can flatten the opposite person who has the evil design to defame, dethrone and even create more problems. The way the Indian Prime Minister Modi has been playing right kind of diplomacy against the China without inciting the war and thus the world has baffled over this excellent behavior and now every country is wanting to support India to corner China and that is the end result.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good and true picture of diplomacy is shown in the write-up. It is the diplomacy of the groom when he is in a fix in between his mother and his wife. If he supports his mother, his wife gets angry and if he listens to his wife, his mother gets hurt. In between the two, he can neither make the weighing scale move to one side or other as both are important and need to be made right. It is his diplomatic dealing with the situation that helps him to tackle or handle both of them and clear the confusion and make peace.

    The same trait can be used in society, office or workplace as everyone likes a diplomatic approach and would not get hurt. When you can understand the nature of the other person, you can handle them with ease in a diplomatic way which not only clears their doubt but also helps you to get their support and help.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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