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    Everyone can play the role of a master but it is very difficult to be a servant

    Giving orders and get the work done is easier and if you can bang and hang a person then it is much easier. What I mean to say is that if one is in the capacity of a master or at the helm of the affairs then one can dictate one's ways and terms to the subordinates or the servants. It is not a difficult task. The authority makes you powerful and money adds to its glory. At the same time a person working in the capacity of a servant is always apprehensive whether the master would like it or not. Whether master would talk to him in a normal tone or not. Whether master would one day ask him to leave the house or dismiss him from the job. His life of full of such doubts and fears. Working as a servant is not so easy and the life of a servant is very tough. In fact he has no life of his own and has to dance as per the tune of his master. What do the members think about this?
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    Literally true, anyone can become a master though possession may be different. Some are talented and profoundly good at work. They own this skill of mastery by experience and talent , and embrace this quality by allowing others to inculcate the same knowledge and experience. While others just get this because they become powerful and want to rule on others. They don't know the actual perspective of mastery. It's not just about getting their job done but to meet their egoistic needs.Their will to suppress the servants show their dominant behavior and that's where the servants become slaves. And those so called masters become the dictator of their so small reigns.

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    The other side of the river is always green. This is what many people think. But the people who are at the helm of affairs will have their headaches. What I mean to say is that the person sitting at ordering level will also have some responsibilities and if they are not getting fulfilled he has to answer to someone.
    I heard many people saying that a staff member and a worker will come and go and the remaining sixteen hours he need not think of his workplace. But a Manager or a senior officer will be on work 24 X7. After the month is over if the worker is not getting paid he has every right to stop working and agitate. If a manager is not getting paid for 3 months also he can't do anything except murmuring.
    So we need not think one job is easy and the other job is difficult. Every post is having its positives and negatives. Probably what author mentioned may be the scenario in the domestic front but not in the industry backdrop.

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    I guess, it is not always true. It completely depends upon the attitude towards the work and does not matter if you are a servant or a master. If a servant is disobedient, being a master, life will not be easy. I Have seen the case personally where the higher authority was in pain because the employee of low grade was not working efficiently and it had become really difficult for the manager to get the work done by his junior.

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    The post directly reflects the verse from the bible that mentions the role of both slave and their master. According to Ephesians 6:5-9, it urges the slaves to obey their masters with fear, respect and sincerity. To obey them not to win their favour or heart but as your duty towards them and doing the will of God and he will reward you for the good deed. He asks the masters to treat them in the same manner and never to threaten them as in this way, you are gaining favour in the eye of the lord.

    It is often seen that many people make use of their power to threaten and show their strength on the weak and treat them poorly. Many who knows the value of work always try to treat everyone equally but the one's who get the power without a struggle, they do not value it and misuse it. If we give respect and treat others with love and affection, they will give it back hundredfold and will always have great honour and respect to their master.

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    When I worked in a company in Delhi, the highest director boy also worked with us normally with salary based job. He used to wear the uniform, bring the lunch box with him and no home going for lunch, though the house is nearby, he does not enjoy any facility being the director son and he is eligible to be praised, scolded and even chided for the non cooperation from the fellow employees. The rule was as stringent to all and thus the boy could learn the pain of the employee and the servant of the company. Then he was given the post of one of directors after completing three years of hard work which includes learning machine mechanism. company purchases, company sales and above all managing the employee -company relations and so on. Thus he could fully understand the company rules and employees problems.
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    Given a choice everyone would like to have a role of master. We all are ambitious and aspire for higher positions. But role of master is also not so easy. There are associated responsibilities and headaches which the staff and lower employees often do not have. At the same time the life of a servant or lower staff is also not very comfortable as he has to abide by the manager's orders. If he resists or escapes then there is a danger of punishment and in today's situation no one would take risk of losing one's job. The ideal situation would be to work under a kind hearted and cordial boss but that is generally not seen in real life.
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    I feel that no work is too small, in today's time, every job at every level has to work hard for every human being, whether a boss or an employee, everyone has their duty here.
    It is important that we are very concerned about our work and the party of our boss or subordinate, if everyone has to do their work with honesty with interest, then in such a way, the burden of work should not come on any one and complete with everyone quickly.

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