Trying to find out the value of Zero!

I am almost sure you have never tried anything like that. There are many such jokes regarding finding something missing on Google and you must have laughed at some of those jokes. Try to remember your childhood days and your heroic ambitions about finding something that nobody has found maybe, someone like Christopher Columbus on a mission to find new land. There were many weird dreams during those times. Now you may think it was weird, but to a child it is fantasy. It is natural to think of becoming an actor like their favourite heroine/hero for a child and that is not at all weird because it is always possible. It can even be an invention that has not been invented until now. But have you ever thought of finding out something knowing fully well that it is not possible at all? You may term it something weird.

Let me tell you one such weird thought when I was a student. When I started learning Algebra, there were quadratic equations where there was the Sridhara Acharya formula to solve the equation. I found that formula quite amazing. At a higher class when I was learning about the complex numbers I was very excited and thought of finding the value of Zero. Yes, Zero. I told the teacher about that and many students started laughing.