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    Do we have a National food for India?

    We have many things to recognize our Nation with some identity. The national flag, National song, National animal, National bird, etc.

    Do we have anything like National food? If yes, What is it? If no, what do you recommend to be our National food, and why?
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    In India, people of different cultures live together and everyone's food choices and style are quite different, so I do not think that anyone can be declared a national food and it would not be right to do so.
    If I tell you my choice, I like Chole Bhature very much but I am not from Delhi but still, I like it but I cannot say that Chole Bhature should be made a national food because if I go to South India, then I would love the specialty food that I get. ...
    India is surrounded by divergences, not only biodiversity but its food is also diversified and everyone has their own special importance, every food has its own taste, according to me every food is the national food.
    However, if ever it comes to making national food, then the decision should be taken by referendum, after all, it is about taste.

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    Since most of the Indians eat the wheat related food like Chapathi, Bature and Roti, essentially wheat is the national food of India. Though the South Indians prefer the rice as their food, but the population of rice eaters is less than the wheat takers. So according to me Roti- sabji combination can be dubbed as the national food of India and national drink can be lassi. In most of the North Indian states, the meal is ended with sipping of lassi made from the solid curd. In South we end the meal with butter milk, sweet or banana. Therefore our national food is roti and sabji and national drink is lassi.
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    I don't think so that we should have recognize a dish as national of India. In india, differnt states have different culture they like their regional food. Like in north, in Punjab chhole bhature, puri sabzi and khichdi in UP in Rajasthan daal baati etc. In West Bengal people eat fish and rice, in south Sambhar, idli, dosa and other dishes. And in Gujarat dhokla, thepla bhakharwadi, undheyu, etc. In Maharashtra pay bhaji, vada pav and pani puri are popular. However, all these food items are also eaten and loved by people all over India. So we can't recognize any food as national food.

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    The question raised will have the same answer as we have of the national language. India is a multilingual, multicultural and diverse nation. We have many languages, religion, caste, creed, custom, tradition and even region which is not as other countries. The slang in language changes from one district to other, the dress changes from one state to another so also our taste. The food that the north Indians eat is not the same at south, east or west thus we have a variety of food that is eaten around the country. We have many foods that are commonly liked by everyone and there is some traditional food that is eaten by the locals. As the language changes from state to state and region to region, the taste and food also change from state to state, region to region and north to south, east to west. Every region and state has their favourite food which is good and tasty and can never be taken for granted. It will be very difficult to conclude or to one dish and thus we Indians do not have any national food in India.
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    I think there is no food which is named as our National food. Our country is one country with many differences. There are many States. There are many languages that are spoken by different people. In the same way, food habits will also differ. Some are rice eaters and some are wheat eaters. So if we name a portion of food as our National food, there will be a problem and ideas differ. That will become again a point of discussion. That is why so far no time is recognised as National food. If at all if somebody wants me to select one food item for this my choice is "Idly:
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    It is an interesting thread raised by the author. As such we do not have any dish as on today to be called as national food. In my opinion the most common items used in households are wheat, rice, dal, and vegetables. Other items are in the nature of snacks or side dishes only and are preferred in the breakfast or tiffin time. So, one of the items out of wheat, rice, dal, and vegetables can be chosen as the national food of our country.
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    Being a country mixed with different people, the food pattern are of different varieties. In the north India, cooked Rice, Breads,,Dal and one curry vegetables followed by Salads are the items included in the meals. The dinner would be somewhat different where the main menu is chapatis and vegetable curry followed by some quantity of Dal. However, the south have different menus consisting chiefly of rice origin such as Dosa. Now while judging the tastes of these variations for both north and south, both retain their original tastes. Hence there does not exist any comparison. Besides this, it is also important to include a cook offering added tastes in all the dishes he prepares with his experience in his line. Though the materials used by the cooks may be identical, taste will vary according to their proficiency.

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    We have so many types of food items and dishes in our country that it is very difficult to decide one to be chosen as national food. In my view one of the staple food like rice which is so commonly consumed in our country can be thought of as national food.
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