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    Which indoor sports has helped you pass time in lockdown period?

    Sports is always a most enjoyable time pass. We are into 5th month of lockdown due to corona. Soon we will be entering into sixth month. So we have experienced all sorts of hobbies like singing, drawing, dance and cooking to avoid boredom.

    But the sports persons might have missed sports in these days. Indoor sports lovers would have more at ease as compared to the out door sports lovers in this critical time. Which indoor sport has helped you to do time pass in this lockdown period? Carrom, chess, cards or any other indoor game?
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    I had not played any indoor game for last many years. So during Covid lockdown also I did not play any indoor games. I was somehow managing my time involving in domestic matters, some community social work (to the possible extent), posting for ISC, spending time with my little nieces etc.
    I used to play cards during my bachelor days for time pass. In outdoor sports I was playing badminton (in indoor court in recreation club also)

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    I do not think any ISCian would be interested in playing indoor or outdoor games. As it is, I am not a player. The presence of TV at home has stopped the indoor games in many homes. All are watching films from home. The carrom board, snake and ladder boards, play cards are lying idle at home. I spent my time with ISC by posting threads and responding threads.
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    Most of us were using the lock down period productively towards family welfare and having whole lots of time to discuss and arrive at many issues that were pending. And as regards playing was concerned it not possible as the children were having work from home and study from home compulsions and we the parents also had our own priorities of making the life better during the lock down. As far as I am concerned I was busy with ISC and also the social media. Whole lots of posts has been done and the time passing was good. Moreover the television was full of religious programs and grand old serials were revived and thus we had one more chance to watch Ramayan, Mahabharath and Sri Krishna. And for many they used to maintain their garden, bring in new varieties of plants to nurture and also remodel their homes in their own way,
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    I like some indoor games but due to my engagements in some of the internet sites including ISC, I am not getting time for any such activity. Some of my family members are playing cards or seeing movies in the TV or internet. Occasionally I join them in cards for a short time.
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    I have played many games during lockdown a very long time.
    In which my favorite is Ludo, I definitely play Ludo once a day, it is a lot of fun. my mother my aunt and younger sister we play it, sometimes my brother also comes to play. On any given day and sister we both also play chess, in which she often loses and then does not play for next days, but Ludo we play daily, besides we play carrom with children, I do not like it very much but keep the feeling of children I play with them.

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    I played chess with my two sons at the time of lockdown. My sons play good chess and they always play chess with the computer at different difficulty levels. They enjoy playing chess.

    My younger son always wants to play chess with me. Whenever he sees that I am free he brings chessboard and forces me to play chess with him.

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    I was caught by surprise in my home-town as the lockdown was announced suddenly.
    First, few days I was by with my daily office work, then my childhood friend from that town called me as I was all alone at home. It was not difficult to travel in small town just a street aways and I used to sneak out. At my friend's place, he had converted his hall into a carrom club. There were two boards and the people were called post-completion of a particular game, to maintain social distancing.
    I used to spend much time playing carrom at his place during this lockdown. At home when I was alone I used to be working over my projects and playing some of the computer games which I have not played for many years. It was enjoyment for me being alone, enjoying life as a young boy without any tension.
    Thanks to the author for this thread which helped me to pen my experience during the lockdown and now keep it safe in archives of ISC for future reference.

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    I played bat ball, ludo and snake ladder and cards with my son. He usually design his games himself and I have to play with him. But I like to play with him and enjoy a lot.

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    I am a sports person and enjoy both indoor and outdoor sports. As we are in the lockdown period, outdoor sports is not possible but I do enjoy playing indoor sports that keep me engaged and healthy. With many games available on computer, mobile or online mode, we do enjoy it playing it online and in person.

    In our house, we play snake and ladder, Ludo, KavidiKali that is played in Kerala that has 25 cells in a 5x5 matrix form and using kavadi or shell instead of dice. We play UNO, cards(especially the 28 game which is similar to trump game, rummy and donkey). When I am in my camp, we do play carrom, badminton and basketball as the court is inside our camp and many join to play it.

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    The first two months of the lockdown I spent my time in my native village. One pandit is staying near our house in that village. I started learning to chant of some mantras as per the style they have to chant them. He used to teach for an hour in the evening and then I used to spend another two hours practising that. Then I have my Ipad with me. I used to spend some time on virtual games like solitaire and Sudoku. I used to play chess with one of my friends there.
    Evenings all the family members used to sit and chant Lalitha Sahasram and then Vishnu Sahasram.
    After two months I came back to Hyderabad and here I am spending more time on my computer. I continue my practice of Chanting mantras in the morning and after lunch only I am starting working on my laptop. But I am not forgetting to have fun for some time with my Ipad.

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    In this lockdown period i often used to do cooking . Because i am very bad cooked so in this period i am regularly trying something new and some new recipes.which was i don't know.And for entertainment i used to play ludoo and charom.This is also like a rest period in which we learn something new ,like swimming cooking ,sewing ,and many other things which was interested. I am fond of sewing so i am also learning about sewing .watching Ramayan with full family which is very good time for members to sit with all membersand sharing and caring each other' i personally think that this lockdown period is very relaxing weekend for learning something adventure and quality time for all family members.

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    I have no fancy for any particular indoor game but sometimes we play some fun games and carry out fun activities like Antakshari or some 'name the drawing' or 'guess the word' games which generally children like much.
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