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    If the help is not timely then reach out is waste

    There are people who have immense attachment towards others and want to help them with cash or kind and would reach out to them now and then. But the help should be timely and not belated. If the help comes late, then it may not be appreciated at the face of it. If the starving person is provided with ready made meal, it would be timely help, and if the same person is given with free rice and other essentials what is the use as he cannot cook nor have the facility. Therefore if you want to help someone, be in time otherwise do not help them.

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    Truly said that help is meaningful only when it is given in time of need if it does not help in time, then later it has no meaning.
    But sometimes there comes a time when someone does not need help at that time but you understand that it can be a big step to assure that person can read further help.

    Sometimes it happens that even if we are unable to help any of our special people on time, then instead of regretting, we should think of new ways to do what can be done now. ..

    Because of Corona, we are away from many people today and are unable to reach them on their need, but mental support is also very important in such a time, that is also a kind of help. If a human wants in any way, he can help anyone in the world at any time.

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    Exactly. I have seen some persons are dragging the help seeking persons for another day or later without understanding their situation. Normally persons approaching for help to those who can afford to help and not to all. If they are approaching everybody means their requirement is so severe. We should help them immediately if possible otherwise should tell them our inability. Moreover the help should be attended immediately as the same would changed the mind if one second waited.
    Our ex-Chief Minister, M. G. Ramachandran (MGR) was famous for offering help to many known and unknown people. Once a cinema actor was asked by MGR to have lunch with him. The actor when came to his house, saw many curla woods (used for doing exercise) in the hall side. Without hesitating and taking freedom that actor asked MGR to offer one curla for his usage. MGR without asking second question, took one curla and gave to him and asked him to keep the same in his car immediately. The actor told that he would take the same when he move from the house. Refused MGR asked him to keep immediately and the actor did so. On his return MGR told,'If any other person asked me to offer the curla before you are leaving from here. I would not refuse to him but failed from the promise given to you. So that I urged to keep in your car'.

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    It is correct. The help is required as long as someone needs help. If help is not required there is no point in reaching out to help. Suppose, one of your neighbours requires the help of others to carry him to the hospital. You have heard his call but didn't respond immediately. Then after he is taken to the hospital by the other neighbours can you go to his home to take him to the hospital? You cannot because others have already taken him there. You can only enquire about the person's condition from the family members and tell them to give you a call when required next time. When the purpose is served it is not possible to recreate the same purpose. Therefore, it's necessary to act when there is a requirement, not later.

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    If the help is not forthcoming immediate, it may not be valuable to that extent. Suppose the doctor has asked the father of the patient bring an injection ampules immediately so that the same could be administered to the affected son with some serious disease and if the help is not eminent, the entire exercise might be futile. Delay in extending any help would be as good as not offering any help after the elapse of certain time.
    Such helps should be immediate in case of health emergency, examination- fee, Railway - tickets etc. Any slackness in taking action would lead to failure of achieving the desired result.

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    Getting help when needed and on time is the best one can get but as mentioned that when we are in need for anything, it can be food, clothes, house, money, support, an ear or listening, etc but we do not get it on time then it is of no use to that person.

    Here we can categories into three, The first is when receiving help on time when a person requires. When we receive it on time we can take it further and use it for the correct purpose. On the second note when he is not able to get the help on time, he gets frustrated, stressed, tension and run here and there to make it work on their favour. In the third case, when the help arrives later i.e. after the time frame, it can sometimes help him to cope but many a time it is useless as they are not able to use it or everything is destroyed. So getting timely help is what matters.

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    True. When a person is very hungry, if you offer him food he will accept and eat it. Definitely it will be tasty only. But if you give the same food to a person who is not hungry may not feel happy. As already he had food and for the next eating, this food may be good or may not be good. In the same way, the help will good if it is done when there is a need.
    Hanuma helped Lakshmana by bringing Sanjeevani in time. If he was late Lakshmana might have died. He did it on time. If a person is sick we have to give him the medicine he will be cured. If it is delayed he will not get cured. So I agree with the author that help is to be done when it is required.

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    It is called the "Timely help". If we can't help someone when they need the help, a delayed help would be a waste. What is the use of giving water to a thirsty guy after he lays flat without water? These days, more than helping someone, people try to capture the scene with their cell phone in hand. Then load it in social media to get a 'Like'.

    Similarly, when people are suffering without food during the crisis, there is no use supplying ration after a month or so. The attitude to help is diminishing, and the attitude to possess more and more is increasing. We are shifting from a generous world to a selfish world.

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    Time is the essence of all our activities and anything done in time is only a fruitful thing. It is not only true in helping a fellow being but also applicable to all our activities that we undertake for our own progress or the development of the society as a whole. If the Govt takes a timely action and the administrative machinery below implements it in time then only the project sees the day of the light. Once a delay is there then all sort of problem start and not only the cost of the project gets escalated but it affects many other things connected to its completion. So, time is the most important factor in all our activities including helping the needy person for whom the delayed help is of no value.
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