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    Do you read every response before posting yours

    The month of July had been a hectic one. Numerous threads with numerous responses. Sometimes while posting your response, it becomes difficult to read all the preceding ones, if the thread is real long and some of the responses are big. No issue if thread has fewer responses. You can then read them all. For the popular threads it really becomes tricky reading all the responses, especially if there is a healthy discussion going on and you may not get the flow of the discussion if you don't read them all. Those who participate in the active group discussions must have faced such situations. So what you guys do, skip some of the responses or read them all?
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    I always respond to the title of the thread. If it is confusing or not clear, I would go through others' responses to understand it better and think of posting responses. As I am always present at ISC, my responses would be early. What I feel is - There is no discussion on a thread except posting an opinion or comment. It is like a question and answer forum. There are no responses to counter or counter-respond. The reason is what you said in this thread. Members don't read the previous responses posted by the members. I always raise some queries in my response but will be disappointed to see no one countering my response.
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    I do try to respond to the threads that I feel I can give my input or have an idea of the topic that is raised by the member. I do go through the main post, then run through the response of other members. It is not that I may always read the complete comment on that particular post but at times, reading the comments of other members is helpful to get a clear picture of the post and even understand and give a concise answer to the post. There are many posts that I feel is different from my point of view and I do comment on my understanding. It can be in favour or in opposing stand but that is what makes a good ost. When the writer can provide or clear the doubts or queries raised through the comment of the members, it becomes more informative and complete. I do try to go through other members comment on a post to clear my doubt and also rephrase my comment.
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    Generally, I read all the posts in the forum before I place my views. If I have a new point which was not covered until then, I will start my post with that point. If all the points are already covered, I will try to emphasize the point which I feel as very important. Otherwise, if it is relevant I will try to place my experience as my post. The main point is that a good discussion should take place.
    If we differ from the opinions of other people we can tell them diplomatically without hurting the feelings of other members. I have also seen some people who use words which will make the other person annoyed. Somehow I never like that way of writing. But there is no rule that all should think in similar lines.

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    Yes, see I have read all the previous responses of the other members and now posting my response to this thread. Actually, it's required to read what others have written. It can always happen that you are repeating the same points if you do not read the preceding comments. But there are a few posts where it is not necessary to read all the preceding replies. Suppose, if a thread asks your response regarding your favourite book or your favourite activities in school you can reply to it with the details of your favourite book or activities without reading the preceding comments. But if it is a group discussion you need to read all the previous comments, however long the thread maybe, to get the flow of the discussion. There neither you can mention irrelevant points nor the points that have already been discussed. You need to mention something that has not been discussed previously or elaborate on some points to bring clarity.

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    Interesting line of thoughts from all of you. I think it must be true for everyone when you yourself are the author of a thread, you will be reading all the responses. Just like in this case as Sankalan has done, I too went through all the responses and then responding. Yes Sun, it is a fact, we might not be always reading the previous responses. As far as your queries are concerned that do not get answered, quite possibly the answers are beyond most of us. Anyway, next time if I come across any such queries from you, will try to answer. For example, in one of your recent thread where the discussion was about the correct usage of a certain English phrase, I had thought of responding. But then I backtracked, as I was myself not very sure about it.
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    I am a new member of ISC, although I have mentioned this in many responses, but in this thread its importance is being brought. ... My first aim is to learn from the senior writers here, so I always look at the topic of the thread first and then read the details of the thread, then if the response is not much, then I must definitely see the response of all the writers.
    And if there are more responses, then not everyone but I definitely see the response of some writers from whom I want to learn something.
    Since I always like to learn, I see the response of most of the people, which gives me a chance to see and see the new people, I am getting to learn a lot from this platform and I am proud to be a part of it.

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    Now, I am doing the same thing as you said. Generally, it is thought comes to a member in ISC that response to be given which is suitable to the thread giving one idea. So, different members are having come under one thread with different ideas. If the member reads all the responses then his response is to be following of other members' messages posted. But, it does not happen. The response is only followed from the post in the thread. So, it is not possible to be fast to react in the forum by reflecting the focus on each and every response under thread.
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    I generally go through the responses if not in details then definitely a cursory look I would be making. The reason is to avoid duplication of responses. We should try to give something concrete or some new point which has not been given by the members so far. A new dimension added to a discussion always adds value to the forum post and overall quality of forum discussions go up. Let us try to go through the responses before making our own but of course it also depends on the individual what method of responding he or she wants to adopt. Sometimes personal choices are above the group dynamics.
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    First I read the title. Then I read the thread and see how the title is connected with the message or whether the message bears relevance to the title. Sometime I do not get anything to write differently from what is given in the thread. Generally I do not make hollow responses or indulge in unnecessary flattery.

    In some threads the core message may not be clear to me. I read some other responses and see what they understood from it. If from that I become clear then I may read the thread again and also go through other responses and post my view. Sometimes I feel that I am a bit brazen. So when there are some threads on which I have some strong opposite views, I generally keep quiet. There were certain authors who never accepted and entertained different views. I used to simply skip their threads and posts.

    There are certain threads and responses made just for the sake of it. I skip them. In the social media generally people like praises, flattery and pseudo boosts. It is very easy to comment a thread as excellent, unique, wow etc just to please the author. That will be just as the hollow likes and thumbs up in FB, etc. I do not indulge in such tactics, but give my mind if I feel the post deserves appreciation, encouragement or some fine tuning suggestions. Sometimes I do this by private message to the author also.

    In the social media, blogs, where the ad revenue is important, the posts are needed for getting page space for ads and revenue. So, serious discussions do not take place. It will be more rewarding to open a new page and thread. If one indulges in serious discussion, the thread loses its steam soon. Stereotyped, niche controversial threads get attention in social media and get good page hits. Such threads recur because of the keywords get good searches and hits.

    I also do not support the idea of making a thread elastic by numerous avoidable responses. Over a period, by experience we get the core of a thread or response by reading fast and glancing over a few lines.

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    I respond to threads which grasp my attention, read the thread created by the author and post my opinion. Hardly sometimes, I read other responses as it can divert our thoughts.

    Moreover, few are able to write a very long response, drags a lot of time too. Explaining a content in detail is necessary sometimes.

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    Why should I read the responses already appended to the posts as reply because I have to submit my own response first. If we read the responses thus submitted, we may drive away from the reply we ought to give and thus amount to copying the response of other members in polished manner. Normally I look at the heading and go for the response instantly. The members may note that some times when I was online and members post their thread, It would be my first privilege to write the response and I feel elated to respond first for any thread and I will not waste time on others response thereafter.
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