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    Chakreshwar Temple in Kalipur, on the banks of River Brahmaputra

    Chakreshwar Temple in Kalipur, on the banks of River Brahmaputra
    Normally the Hindu God Narayan is depicted as lying on a seven headed snack which is in the ocean of Milk. This seems to be real in recent flood in the river Brahmaputra. In the village Kalipur near Gauhati of Assam a Vishnu Temple named Chakreshwar Temple is situated near the river Brahmaputra. During the recent flood in Brahmaputra the temple found immersed in the flood water but the statue of Mahavishnu remains outer the flood water which resembles the normal depiction of Mahavishnu.
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    A good piece of information. How that idol is floating on the waters is to be understood. The stone will be heavier and hence it should immerse in water. But is there any support for the idol from the ground are the water level has come to that level is to be known. But a good way of seeing at it. Our Puranas say that Lord Vishnu was lying on a snake and Maa Lakshmi will be sitting near his feet. The photo attached by the author is reminding us of the same description. I thank the author for giving us this information.
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    Interesting information and appropriate narration by the author. The natures fury in consonance with the Hindu mythology has created this worth viewing scene in the banks of the river Brahmaputra. Must be a rare sight.
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    The author has been giving information about the important pilgrimage temple of India which is very admirable, I did not know about this temple, after seeing your thread, when I saw it, I came to know about this nature and man-made work. This is a really beautiful place.
    Brahmaputra river which is one of the biggest rivers of India where many river islands are also found, Manjuli, the world's largest river island is also on the Brahmaputra river itself.
    India is a country where people belonging to many castes and religions live with great love and show brotherhood. It also be called the "land of faith". Religious places in India have many temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras besides pilgrimage sites, which are also important due to its natural beauty.

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    This is the essence of our country and various religion as there are every reason and every place has the pride to celebrate the happenings and this one was great.
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