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    Decission For Admission into Engineering in Current Situation

    Now a days,it's not a fruitful decision to take admission in Engineering field.Because there is no vacancy at all as per the requirement in terms of Government & Private sector.

    If any vacancy is there that too for Experience candidate only.
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    Welcome Chinmaya Das to this site ISC. You have posted a fact and it is not only engineering line but also many other streams where people are facing a major unemployment situation. There are many qualified people now available in our country and there are no positions to absorb them. We have time and again discussed this issue here and the only viewpoint emerging is now we are entering in an age of self employment and we have to start some sort of business or work or engagement to survive. The business might not have any relation with the academic achievements we have and it would be livelihood oriented only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, Thanks Neeeu for your valuable comment.
    When a person completes his education by going through various kind of difficulties especially in terms of financial condition,it's very difficult to survive now a days.

    So guys I suggest you to self learning process which can stand you in a right position unless running behind the job.

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    The situation is not good in education sector and we cannot guarantee any course or any stream to be good nor recommended. As far Engineering course goes, 16 colleges in Telangana have been closed for not takers of any admission as the last year campus recruitment was nearly nil. Having got alarmed with this happening, the parents are asking their children to go for any skill development training given by central government so that personal business can be done once course is finished. Even banks are ready to give loans to new business which has the potential to develop and make money.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. Jobs are not there. Now we have a big problem in the forum of COVD19. Many small companies will be getting closed. But this will not be the situation after 4 years. There may be an improvement in the situation. New industries may come up and employment opportunities may improve in the country. So we should not take the decision based on the present situation.
    Another point is that once you complete your Engineering you will get some skills and based on those skill with the financial assistance of banks under self-employment schemes, you can think of starting your industry in a small way. So we should not hesitate to acquire the qualifications.
    If there is any option other than Engineering which you may feel good you can do that. But we can't waste time. So think of some education B.Tech, B.E, or B.Sc or MBBS or B.A. or B.Com. Anything you can select and complete that course with full concentration and then you can think of the next course of action. Otherwise, Just with intermediate qualification, it may be very difficult to get a job.

    always confident

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