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    Response self posting twice!

    To the Editor,
    I am facing a problem since my revisiting this site. I have been posting response to the threads in the Forum section. But to my surprise I have seen that sometimes my same response is posted twice.
    Initially, I thought that after getting back to the site after a long time I might have forgotten how to post or some new system would have been introduced. I went through the posting guidelines and other related sections.
    Today, I posted a response on the thread ISCian forgot to remember the Kargil Vijay Diwas yesterday, and to my surprise I saw that my response has been posted twice. First (#705563) and the second one (#705581).
    I would like to know that if this problem is only with me or with some other members too. Please check this bug. I would also point out that my Adsense account is not responding which is connected to ISC. Please do something about it also.
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    Many a times it happened to me also because of internet issues and the browser which might have been slow and we clicked the submit button twice. Never mind duplicate posts are deleted by editors.
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    Some times without our knowledge we maybe clicking two times. Then the same may get posted two times. We can delete the subject matter of the second posting. Automatically the points will become zero. You can mention deleted as got posted two times. Once or twice, it happened to me and I did the same way what I mentioned above.
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    The key is that you must not click the submit button for the second time, due to whatever reasons, before checking back whether your post has already been published. It is not a bug but it generally happens when there is some network problem or when you are in doubt.

    Your duplicate post in question has already been deleted.

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    Mr. Nadeem Naqvi,
    It happens. But it is not existing as it existed before. The system would say that it is a duplicate and won't allow it to get into the pages. If at all it happens, simply delete it. Editors will take care of it.

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    Thanks to Mohan, Dr Srinivasa, Saji and Sun for your response.
    Saji, I have seen that it has been deleted.
    I have thought that there would have been some bug or something disturbing my posts.
    I am obliged for a response from all.

    Request the Editor to lock this thread as the problem has been sorted.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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