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    The two faced trait called Diplomacy

    When we talk about diplomacy, we understand it to be bilateral conduct of influencing the decisions and behaviour of a person or people through dialogue, negotiation and other measures that are for the welfare of all. Many people have learned the skill of managing others sensitively and tactfully and we fall in their trap. The people who play this type of two-faced trait are our religious leaders, politicians, our managers or supervisors at work and even few relatives and friends. When they are in need, they will blow us with the beautifully wrapped gift of their speech that elevates us and make us feel like in the seventh sky but as their work is over, they will throw us out as the curry leaves in a dish. It is very important to understand the thin layer between false courtesy, fawning words and the truth. If we can distinguish between their diplomacy and their true colour, we will be saved from falling in their trap and understand their hidden agenda and intentions. So always be safe from the two-faced trait called diplomacy of people.

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    It is the fact that some people know the art of managing others in a most tactful way and that is called diplomatic way of moves which does not hurt anyone but at the same time we fall into their trap of false promises and we are convinced to follow them too. In politics such things happen during every elections and some times we want to trust the same person or the party again and again as there is no alternative but to elect the same party which failed. And this time we may seek the promise be delivered which were diplomatically stalled and that party would also try to fulfill as they failed in first instance.
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    Some people with their sweet words indeed make us accept their words. They talk so convincingly that we can't say no. That may be art. But the same people when we go and ask them for some help they may not come forward to help us. But diplomacy is nothing do with double nature. All diplomatic people will not have that mentality. They will come forward and help the people if there is any need. They will have the talent and they can manage people intelligently. They may change their way of talking based on the other person. But many politicians will try to use this nature for their advantage.
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    The quality of diplomacy comes in many people without being taught so that such people can easily get their work done by any person. In today's time, this art of persuading a person has started to be very important. It is not easy to do diplomacy. ..The meaning of diplomacy was to impose 'sentence smartly, deception-deceit, deception-in-deal' or 'transaction'. A person who used to get maximum benefit for his country by paying a lower price was called a skilled diplomat. But today, deceit is not called diplomacy. A diplomat first understands someone and then convinces him in the same way.
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    Authors contention that diplomacy is a two faced sword and can harm us is well appreciated. It actually depends on who is using it. If a person having vested interest and selfish motives is using it then definitely it would harm us but sometimes there are some leaders who adopt it and practice it for the overall development and benefit of the people and in such cases diplomacy is a boon for us.
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    Diplomacy is good at times as it helps to eliminate bitterness in people but when it is used as a two-edged sword that talks well in front and stabs from the back is what I would like to highlight. Many people speak very bitter than we can quaff but we accept it as they deliver it with a sugar coating. We just need to understand this type of diplomacy that many leaders and our relatives and even few friends use and need to be careful from such people.
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