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    Diplomatic missions among migratory birds

    Countries and states are often prone to have sour relations with each other. Animals usually don't get affected by this political divide. Animals come under Nature's law. They are subjects of Nature and not nations. So their diplomatic missions are towards Nature alone.
    First flocks/vanguard of migratory birds sour high, smelling the air and checking for water holes. They check for habitats like we check for hotels. Resting near the water hole, they might snack on some foreign delicacies. Usually exotic nuts, fruits, small animals and insects.
    Rest of the flocks follow the vanguard soon and join them. Each turf they pass through, is first familiarised by the vanguard flocks. On their way these birds sometimes disperse foreign seeds into new lands, like gifts from ambassadors of a foreign country. Flocks usually gather at specific spots they negotiated for with Nature. As foreign diplomats, they never disrupt the local habitats much.

    Nature's diplomats migrate each year to different countries.
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    Very innovative piece of narration about the annual migration of birds by our young author attributing it to their diplomatic perspectives. Migratory birds are amazing. They have great skills to manage their migratory journey year on year based on the seasons, temperatures and direction of sun. There are many research projects done on them to find the technique behind these accurate migratory paths and more research is still going on. They take such long arduous journey from one side of the globe to other flying great lengths of the sky ahead, it is indeed a mystery of nature.
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    The author has shared out of box thought connecting with the tow topic but it is the fact that the migratory birds do follow their diplomatic missions by flying from so far and yet they do not get tired or retired.
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    Nature's diplomats or what is commonly called the migratory birds follow the law of nature. They start their journey from one end to another which is a way to learn. Every group or flock has a vanguard or you can say their leader who leads from the front and others follows it. If we closely watch these birds or animals, the leader would be leading the way from the front, other members in the centre and the strong and senior members at the back. They have a proper line, coordination, discipline and trust on their vanguard. Every vanguard makes sure that their journey is safe, clear and worthy. It is also true that these migratory birds do gift us with some exotic fruits, nuts or flowers by dispersing the seeds while they fly from one place to another. They are very fascinating and beautiful and are never divided by region or nation. Divergent thinking for the TOW contest from the writer.
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    It is really a wonder to see the migratory birds traveling from one country to another country in a beautiful formation. Koonthankulam bird sanctuary is located near my village in Tamilnadu. The birds come from Siberia of Russia, They take off and fly for many days and reach their destination. We can call it a nonstop flight from Siberia to Tamilnadu's Koonthakulam. Once they are settled, they don't move away for anything. They make their families and fly back to Siberia. We human beings should learn a lesson from these migratory birds.
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    True and well-narrated content. It is pleasing to see birds flying in a group from place to place. They migrate based on the season and they have no boundaries and they don't require any Passport or Visa. They can smell the place suitable for their stay during the journey and can stop their journey at the stop where they feel convenient. When a group landed in a place, the other groups will also come there thinking that place will be suitable for them as already their friends and relatives are landed there. The author wisely called it diplomacy.
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    It's interesting and good to know about the diplomatic missions of the migratory birds. Why only humans, animals are also an integral part of the ecosystem and plays an important role so they need to keep diplomatic relations with other countries. It's nice to see such migratory birds and birdwatchers can learn a lot about those birds without visiting the native place of those birds. This mission doesn't cost a single penny but the gifts offered by those birds are enormous.

    A good entry with insight on an interesting mission.


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