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    Appreciation should go to basic people

    Yesterday casually I watched a music programme in one TV channel. Some artists,freelance singers were singing cine songs under the head of famous cine musician. Head asked one by one to sing this song and that song etc. While singing they put the singers names as title card. After finishing a song the head appreciated the singer. Everything good. But on no minute and even the programme is over no title card or appreciation to the music troupe as they gave super performance of music for all songs without any difference as of cinema. Their names should have shown to honour them.
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    Yes. In many shows, the people who sit behind and perform the show are forgotten. The team leader or the show manager won't introduce them to the public. This is the grave mistake they commit. And the players also won't mind it, because they get their salary for that show. In this technologically developed world, it is very easy to display all the names of the people participating in a show.

    Whenever I watch a musical concert, I look at the artists playing the Keyboard, violin, drums, flutes etc. and wonder their play.

    Recently I watched a film directed by Veenai Balachander. In that film, in the title, he introduces each and every artist from the light boy to the producer. It is a live show introducing the entire team behind the film at the beginning of the film. I am yet to see a film with such introductions.

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    True. The people will remember the person who directed the movie but never remember the people who worked under him to will not be known to many people.
    When somebody asks a question who built Tajmahal? Our automatic answer will be Shahjahan. But we never know the name of the person who designed that or we constructed by spending their time there. Even in the manufacturing industry also we all think that the managers or the top people only contributing to a quality product. But the efforts of the shop floor worker will never get recognised.
    The skill of the people at the bottom level only will make any program a hit. But they will never get their due. It is nice if people recognised their skill and appreciated.
    On Etv Telugu. a program called Paudta Tiyaga will be getting telecasted. Mr S P Balu is the anchor. He gives always important to the musicians who are playing on various instruments there and appreciate them whenever a chance come to him to do it. That will be an encouragement to those musicians.

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    The writer has said a good thing that it has always been while looking at a big task or goal, in reality, many people are associated with it, many people come in the way of success, but perhaps the world They do not give much importance to them because they do not understand that this success is not theirs alone
    The music program that you have talked about is absolutely correct, while we all know that without music, the value of the voice also decreases, yet why not remember to give credit for that music.
    Even when receiving awards, celebrities always take the name of very famous people, no one takes the names of those people who supported them during work.
    But it is wrong to do this, every time we should remember that because of whom we have reached the destination due to whose help and belongingness.

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    Whatever the author said in the thread is absolutely true. For example, a programme coming on Sunday at 6 pm, "Swaraabhishekam". In that programme, famous singers are singing under the good music given by the group. After completion of the song is sung by the singer, the audience gives applause to the singer but what about musicians who play excellent music during the singing. Such type of examples is more and more in society. For example, a meeting hall is made by a person. On the stage, so many politicians come to and they give an excellent speech. Can anyone speak about the person who made the decoration of the stage. Simple things are not little things which are major things. Those should be appreciated by the people to give importance in society.
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    A good musical presentation has three elements in it. First is the singer, second is the musical group giving music to it and third is the lyrics. When these three are in unison and of quality the program becomes superb. So courtesy demands that all the people associated with it should be acknowledged and at the time of thanks giving their names should be mentioned. Sometimes for a big musical troupe where a large number of music instruments players are present it might not be possible to announce each and every name but at least the troupe leaders name should be highlighted.
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    Unfortunately in India we fail to appreciate the basic people who are the reasons for the entire success and we simply go gaga over the persons who does it on the front line. Even in AIR when the song is played they tell the name of the movie, lyricist and the musician. They should also give credits to the editor and the cameraman. Though we cannot see the visual part on the radio but a word of appreciation to the cameraman and editor should be given because their work is immense in creating a good song. Likewise in song competitions, the music troupe should be regarded and applauded. Once I had been to SCR new train inauguration ceremony, in which the senior retiring employee was called to flag the train much to the surprise of all even as the VIP was present and he initiated that gesture.
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    The point of giving appreciation to basic people not only limits in music or television industry but in every field. In any office, many departments work together to complete a project and it has various operation from drafting, designing, documentation, purchase, technicality, presentation, financing, marketing, manufacturing or production but when it gets successful only the head of the department or few members get appraisal or appreciation where-in in many people have helped and given their input to complete it.

    When we go to school, every teacher from nursery to graduation has put in their best to teach us but only Xth, Xiith and degree final year teachers are focused where-in every teacher or every subject along with helping staff has put in their best to bring the best in every one of us.

    In any family function, many people from relatives, friends and neighbours give in their helping hand to make it a success but in the end, only a few are given praised and what about others who have given their little inputs to make the function a great success.

    In this way, we too need to learn to appreciate the common or basic people who directly or indirectly provide their input to make any event successful. Let us learn through this thread to make an effort to acknowledge the least and make them feel proud and wanted for their little help and effort that they put in.

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