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    As an Indian, have you visited any Indian Islands?

    India is a country with some Island territories. We have Andaman and Nicobars on the East, and Lakshadweep and Minicoy islands on the west. While we all visit various places from north to south and east to west, have you ever visited an Indian Island and enjoyed the island beauty and the sea journey to these islands. We need to travel over 400 to 600 Kms to visit these islands. I think, one should be fortunate enough to visit Indian Islands. We might have visited far away countries like UK and US, but not visited our own island terrirories.

    Let us know your views about the Indian Islands, and narrate your island visits.
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    I visited Andaman and Nicobars on the East, and Lakshadweep islands on the west. But I have not visited Minicoy islands. I liked the Andamans very much. My brother in law was working there in Military Engineer Service. He was there for almost 3 years. During that time I visited that place.
    In East Godavari Dt. of Andhra Pradesh, there are some small islands in the Godavari. My relatives are staying there. In my childhood days, I used to go there. We were crossing the rivers using boats. But now bridges were built across the river and buses are going there. So people are never feeling that there are visiting an Island. Even now also I will be visiting those relatives but no necessity of crossing the river on a boat.
    That island is very beautiful. There are many coconut gardens. Banana gardens and sugarcane fields. When I go there my cousin will take me to their coconut gardens and we will have fresh coconut water from the coconuts taken from the trees at that time. A good feeling.

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    The topic of your thread is very interesting, you have rightly said that people roam around the world, but not everyone has visited the island of India.

    Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar are the two big islands if we talk about Andaman and Nicobar. approximately 204 islands are to be found here

    But if we also look at the mainland of India, many islands are found, for example,
    Aliabet Island of Gujarat,
    Salsette Island of Maharashtra,
    Dr. Abdul Kalam Island, formerly known as Wheeler Island in Odessa
    Thumba Island in Kerala, etc.
    Many islands are found in India which enhances its beauty as well as tourism is also encouraged.
    As I lived in Madhya Pradesh which is a landlocked state, no sea around here. As far as my visits to island are concerned, I went to Mumbai on a 15-day tour which is on salsette island, then I enjoyed the cool air and nature of the island's coastal areas.

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    Except a few, many land pieces which were islands earlier are now connected by bridges.
    I have visited Rameswaram (Pamban) which is a big island and connected to mainland by a railway line and the Pamban Road Bridge.The city of Kochi, Mumbai etc was all comprised of islands earlier. The Kochi Bolgatty Island is also connected by Goshree bridge since last few years. Earlier we had to go there by boat only.
    Probably the UT s of Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar islands are the remaining major islands in our country which have to be accessed only by sea/air. I have not gone there.

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    I specifically mentioned as Island territories Andaman and Nicobars, Lakshadweep and Minicoy islands. Within our Indian states, there could be many small pieces of islands connected by road or rail or boat or even we can reach them by swimming across the channel. In Kochi, we have many such islands viz Wellington island, Bolgatti island, Vipin island, etc. Such inland islands cannot match with the far lying big islands at sea.
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    I did not have any opportunity to go to the far lying island in the Indian sea. Only thing that I can quote as visited, which is of course an island only 10 km near the shore, is the Elephanta island near Mumbai, which is of course a big tourist attraction also.
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    I do not think many would have visited any islands or even North eastern states. Because we are yet to see the main land places which is scattered and have more interesting places to visit.
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