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    Downloading apps without checking their authenticity

    Recently a WhatsApp message is doing the rounds, alerting people not to download an app which supposedly helps to check your oxygen level which is used to indicate whether or not there is COVID infection. People are very gullible and out of sheer fear of getting infected, believe anything that they are told. The old myth about holding one's breath for 10 seconds to test whether or not one has been infected was circulating some months back and now again something similar is doing the rounds.

    You should not only be a responsible individual in stopping the spread of myths and rumours, but also a responsible individual in scolding the sender and telling him/her to stop sending such messages.

    The reason why I am repeating this topic is to emphasize that not only should you not believe everything you receive, but I suggest that (a) you check for yourself online the authenticity of it (you can type the relevant words and add the word hoax or myth or fraud for example); (b) do not forward such messages; (c) send back the received message to the sender of the message, asking if it is verified; and (d) if you have verified it yourself (you should!) send the link to the sender.

    Also, the apps are not only those relating to health issues but also others as well. Do not download an alleged education app without due care as the name may be similar to some populer brand and is actually something else altogehter.
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    Whether or not, I don't click to read or download such apps in my gadget. I too received a WhatsApp message from my friend about the oximeter. I ignored and deleted the message. I do not know what snake is in what anthill. It is a good thread raised by Vandana. I appreciate. In this present world, bad elements are more than the good elements, Beware and be alert, and act carefully and cleverly.
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    I agree. We should see the authenticity of the app and then only we should download that app. There are some apps which are not safe for our phone. Such apps should be stopped. Recently I have removed all the Chinese apps on my mobile. One more important thing is that we should not use public wifi to do our financial transactions online. It is very dangerous and your information may be hacked. So be cautious and download only the apps which are not fake and be away from cyber attacks. I have also seen the app mentioned by the author and I never thought that that is a real app.
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    It is true that downloading a wrong app can also read your very special data at risk, so be cautious while downloading the mobile app. Follow some special things. First of all, see the rating on the app, how much rating the app has given to the users Is, the more useful this app is, the better rating users will give it.
    Before downloading a new app, read its reviews to see what people have reviewed about it. Check that how many users have already downloaded that app, when you download an app and install it in your handset, you have to grant several permissions, keep in mind that the app does not have any such permission from you. Asking for those who are not needed, such as access to your contacts or photos, etc. Apart from this, you will also see the video of the app under the install button of many apps, by seeing which you can know what will be found in this app.

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    I am not adventurous or bold enough to download more and more apps. I am scared about the apps in general. This is because i do not have technical knowledge about internet, computers software etc. So I am somewhat scared. The fear of the unknown.
    As such I have only few apps iny phone. Most of the will be default ones and even from them I keep some as disabled.
    If I need to install some apps, then I read maximum reviews and user experience comments about that. I try to read this from different web sites and blogs by searching in net. Then I ask my son or others who have some knowledge in the field. Only after convincing myself about its relative use and relative safety, I install an app.

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