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    How to get rid of fear?

    We all have fear and it is an inherent quality in all of us. We will feel that fear when only such circumstances exist. Now we all are under the fear of COVID 19. Sometimes this fear is very useful and keeps us safe.

    But sometimes we will have this fear unnecessarily and that will make us lose many opportunities. So we should not allow these fears to take control of us. We should try to come out of that fear.

    There may be many ways. But the best is to try getting exposed to that situation which is making you fear. Once you face the situation the fear will vanish and you will start countering that fear. Once you can take control of the fear that will never make you fear again. So it is better to face the situation bravely and get rid of the fear. Once or twice if you face the situation automatically your fear starts coming down.
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    Fear is only about the unknown. When something or something about something remains unknown, then fear occurs.Fear also occurs from a feeling that something which we do not want or want to avoid is probably going to happen.
    How to avoid fear?
    The first is to accept whatever is going to happen. That is what our traditional ancestral wisdom teaches us. To accept everything as good; as God ordained. If something is unavoidable or beyond our control, then better not to worry about it and allow it to happen in its natural course. Second is to know all about the unknown or half known which the cause of our fear is. Children fear darkness, things like ghosts etc due to this reason. That is what is taught to us 'Tamaso ma jyoirgamaya". Throw light on darkness so that you can see things clearly. That removes the fear.
    Insecurity also causes fear. A feeling of confidence that we have someone to help us in times of need removes such fears. Friends, close relatives, solid faith in God and prayers can remove such fears.

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    The truth is that fear of corona is more dangerous than corona, many folks are already battling the matter like depression. In such a situation, news associated with Corona is worsening his mental state.
    It is important to understand about the epidemic like corona virus, but reading all the news associated with it's going to also cause you fright.
    Just reading the news one after the opposite will only bring negative thoughts in your mind, you'll be able to even be unnecessarily worried about yourself and also the people around you. So avoid reading more news.
    To keep the mind healthy, whenever possible get in nature and sunlight. Exercise, eat well and drink lots of water. Stay connected with people, people won't feel lonely even by staying away. Stay connected along with your relatives by making video calls. Take it slow reading good books. By reading good books, you may feel positive energy and there'll be no fear in your mind. This fear will be overcome only when faced in a positive way.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    If something unknown and invincible is lurking on our heads, fear is a natural reaction to that. It is normal human behaviour. Corona has created same type of fear in the minds of people. There are many people who are going out and attending to their duties. These are the doctors, nurses, Govt staff in some of the offices, municipal workers, technical staff in electricity boards, water supply, people related to essential services, some of the shopkeepers, vehicle and truck drivers, industrial workers etc. Just imagine how they are managing their days with continuous threat and fear of the virus.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Whatever has to happen will certainly happen. People are mainly afraid of their death. But the DOD is not known to anyone. If DOD is known in advance no one will worry and fear death. If everyone thinks that their death is according to their karma, they won't fear. To avoid fear, think that you cannot overcome the destiny already decided at the time of your birth. Let anything happen. That would be due to destiny.

    If Corona has to take away your life, no one can stop it.

    No life without Sun

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    Fear is natural. It comes effortlessly. When it overpowers someone's wits it makes him forget his status, level, position, strength etc

    Coronavirus has created an artificial fear (by our media) for some people but large number of Indians who have been facing the wiliest menace day and night aren't scared of corona at all. When a patient of coronavirus can be cured normally in 14 days without any specific medicine or vaccine (not invented yet) then what is the point of showing any stupidity of being scared, however, if someone has been a chronic patient of any serious disease he must take care because most of the death count is related to old and chronic patients.

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    Dr. Rao, you have mentioned that one should get into the situation which is fearsome for him/her. Sir, I don't know how to swim and I am really afraid of water, what do you say that I should jump into the water to overcome my fear. I think you will reply in negative to my question.
    Fear is mostly a perception which erupts due to having less knowledge of the particular situation.
    I have learnt this through my personal experiences. Some land mafia tried to grab my ancestral home in my hometown and I got the news about it. I was much confused about how to handle the situation as I was also aware that these people have links everywhere.
    Left with no other option I simply wrote and complaint addressed to the SP of the city and called him. I conversed with him in English and was give instant appointment. I walked into his office and placed my complaint. He took steps favouring me. He also said that I can contact him anytime if the situation gets worse.
    There are many things which we perceive to be dangerous until we are not aware of how to tackle and this is only our perception which is termed as fear.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    What I feel that when people are constantly being given the warning about a thing, they tend to overcome the fear complex and that is what happening right now in the country. When everyone one , every news report says that we should not go out without any valid reason has created various fears in mind of the people. But when the same is said over and over again, people are taking the life easy now, by thinking that the death seems to be sure sooner or later then why to fear of the corona and thus coming out in large numbers and of course following the social distancing and wearing the mask.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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