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    Lyrics or Rhythm? What do you enjoy more in any song??

    We all enjoy music of different genres in different mood. When I listen to songs I cherish the meaning of lyrics of the song. Many of us have music as a favourite time pass. Many of us music and singing as a hobby close to heart.

    Music is my favourite hobby as well. I enjoy listening to old classics. I always cherish the meaning of lyrics.

    What do you enjoy more, lyrics or music?
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    Songs just flow from our minds and heart when we are really happy. It really gives a soothing effect. Some religious songs encourage devotion, some make us to tip toe. A few old Hindi songs gives relaxation and I would fall asleep. I love to listen to the lyrics and the rhythm related to old Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada songs.

    I also discussed how rhthym drives away loneliness in one of my threads. High beat rhythms generate the spirit in us when we are overjoyed.

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    I love music too i like to listen to songs while doing both my morning walk and night walk
    I do not like very fast music if I talk about the choice in songs, I like songs with great lyrics with slow music. I like to listen to quiet songs.
    I also like listening to music while doing exercises, keeping the music upbeat. It, increases patience level and listening to music reduces stress also.
    In overall, I can just say that the music lyrics can change your mood like motivational lyrics motivate you.

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    Music has two components as has been well illustrated above. Both of these parts are important. Many people enjoy a particular song because of the lyric while others say that tune and melody of the song was superb. I have heard the songs as well as their music separately and found that sometimes we do not relish the music if we do not know the lyric. It means in such cases the lyric has impressed us much. So to find out the real thing one has to listen to its tune separately and then the song and then compare as which one is more impressive and interesting. The result may vary from song to song. It is an interesting exercise and one can try that.
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    The music won't be interesting without good lyrics and rhythm. Both the lyrics and rhythm should get together to please our hearts. Good lyrics with bad rhythm will spoil our mood. To enjoy music, Rhythm is important than lyrics. In the olden days, lyrics had more value than rhythm. But in the present day, Rhythm is valued much than the lyrics.
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    For me both are important. That is why I enjoy songs in Telugu as I can understand the thoughts of the writer in writing that song. But I hear other language songs also. But I have to enjoy the rhythm. I think the same is the case with many of the people. The writer will try to send a message with his writings and that should reach the listeners.
    That is possible only if the listeners understand the language properly. Many times we hear songs as the rhythm is appealing. But we will understand the heart of the writer only when we hear the song with concentration. Then we will enjoy the song thoroughly.

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    Both have their own attraction but melodious songs especially with soft music touches my heart. I prefer all type of songs depends on mood but hardly I listen to Rock music.

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    We all like listening to music. It can be any language and genre, fast or slow, soft or loud, singing or instrumental, filmy or devotional, etc but it just needs to be soothing to our ears. The type of music depends on our mood i.e. when we are happy, we like fast, poppy and loud songs with heavy beats but when we are sad or dull, we would like soft, calm and touching songs that emphasis on the Lyrics. Many a time the lyrics influence to bring a change and impact in one's life as we give an ear to the song, we feel like it is giving us a message and we can correlate with our ongoing situation. For every mood, we have music from the celebration, sad, romance, lust, festival, devotional or worship, inspirational, folks, etc and the type of our selection tells a lot about our condition. There was a similar thread raised by M.A. Vimala with the title, People like songs by music or lyrics?
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    According to me we have seen the phase of very good songs which truly based on lyrics and that sometimes connected with every walk of life. Then came the period of lovely music with preludes, median and last rendering musics in a song that had ever remembering rhythm. Even today we are all so habituated to say the song when the prelude music of the same is played over the All India Radio. Such was the craze for the old songs which are rich in lyrics and rhythm. Now days the music has become loud, not place for good lyrics, just the singers and the extras would shout in between the song and lyrics would be so poor as we would forget the same as soon as we leave the theater. In those days some songs are made into many languages and thus even today they are played and welcomed by the senior citizens without any hesitation.
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    I pay little to no heed to lyrics nowadays. Infact I do not know lyrics of many of my favorite songs. I solely concentrate on music and chords of the song. Lyrics, in my opinion are merely mnemonic devices used by singers to memorise the tune of the song. Music on its own speaks volumes at times without any semantic/ word help.
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    I like to hear music and like the rhythm as well as lyric both though some songs have more of one feature than the other. Many times I have felt the power of lyrics and then the melody and rhythm go in the background. Lyrics have sometime such powerful effect.
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    Since I am a little child ,my like will be for music and not for lyric of the song , because I can enjoy music and dance along with the rhythm and lyric does not matter to me.

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