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    I am looking for the representative

    You might be thinking that I am facing a serious issue with any of the service providers. Actually, it is not like that, it's just an imagination. Suppose, one fine morning after logging in to ISC you found an announcement that ISC is looking for a Members' Care Representative, similar to the Customer Care Representative. Since ISC is not selling any product hence, no customers and only members. What you will do? Are you ready to take up the job? What will be the options for the members? With most of the service providers, there is an option to select language. Since ISC is only dealing with English I think the option of choosing a language will not be there. Now think of the IVR options and most interestingly the types of calls the representatives have to attend on a regular basis. One call may be regarding the mismatch in the total earnings where CC is not added in the final report. The other one may be regarding posting articles. A member may argue with the representative for a long time by saying that she/he has already posted the article and still it is not approved. After a heated exchange, it may be found that the article was not at all submitted and saved as a draft. Imagine, if you are to verbally describe some of the help topics what would you do? Think about it, it will be an interesting one.
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    If we have such facility, many threads regarding these matters will come down. These days we see at least one thread asking for a query regarding their article posting or any other similar problem.
    If a member calls and asks why his post was rejected, the representative there may have to come out with a proper reply but convincing the member may be a very difficult task.
    At present, the author may be just posting a thread which may be answered by the concerned Editor or it may be getting ignored. But when a call comes it will be very difficult to convince the members. In such a case, this representative position will be very risky and he should also have a lot of diplomacies so that he can manage the situation without irritating the member and at the same time he should not concede his request also.

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    While you thought about the MCR (Members' Care Representatives)you forgot the Editors of ISC who are doing the same job of MCRs. If we get new MCRs, the editors would go jobless. I don't think any MCR will function well with a phone call to deal with queries related to ISC.
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    It is not the voice, we need to learn the way of representing our thoughts and suggestions in an English so that the others who receive our message can interpret without misinterpretation. So we are here at ISC.
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    This is a good idea but the author has not described or prescribed the qualification of a person to become a member's care representative. Would he or she be a senior member or one of the editors? I think no one else can do that job.
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    There is logic in SuN's response. ISC exists and thrives without any direct interaction or mediation. It is managing by text chats. Instad of a human MCR, ISC can imlement the same with a Chat Bot with a sweet name.

    By the way MCR is a very pop;ular brand for Dhotis especially in Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc.

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    ISC need not have the MCR kind of care as our editors are doing the best services even though they are not the employees nor getting any salary out of this site.
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    Nice thought from the author about having a Members' Care Representative(MCR) similar to the Customer Care Representative(CSR). There is no doubt that our editors are doing a good job in handling every post, queries and rectifying them on time, the thought can be put forward to ease the process.

    Instead of having a voice process, we can have a 24x7 chatbox where any question, doubts or issues be put forward to the MCR. The MCR will first check the member's question and ask for the link, check for the solution or even escalate it to the concerned editor or section.

    We can have a time frame for each section to get the resolution like jobs - 1 day, forum, 1-2 days, Ask Expert 3-7 days, Articles 5-10 days, Exams 2-5 days, Other issues 1-3 days. It can be any member but mostly it would be members who have atleast active for more than 1 year so that they are familiar with site activities, rules and guidelines.

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    Why talk all these things. Just hang a thread permanently on top of the forums index page in which members can post their problems and queries. Let that be looked into by WM/ME/Editors and respond it. Let our problem or query be serially numbered. And it should be a must that all threads posted on a particular day should be responded on the same day or within 24 hours.
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    Most of the members have opined there is no need for such representative. Actually, neither I requested for such a representative nor it is a proposal. It was just an imagination which is clearly mentioned at the beginning. I asked members to think of some issues and how to convince the caller to resolve the issue through voice communication. One such example was provided also. Imagine in that way.

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