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    Do you maintain a basic medicine box?

    It is noted that all of us would keep first aid and a medicine box at home. Have you noticed that many medicines go waste every time, unnoticed? It is mainly because of the expiry date. We just cannot consume too.

    Do you buy all the quantities of capsules, syrup and ointments prescribed by the doctors? This will dig our pockets if we do not take care.

    Suggest your opinions.
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    At my house, there is a first-aid box. Instead it is fixed and it is always updated because it is very important to have this for first aid because the number of children in my house is a bit more, which often leads to falling injuries while fighting or playing.
    In my first aid box, there are different sizes and types of bandages, gauge pads, scissors, plastic tongs, common painkillers on which expiry, thermometer, are just the essential .
    Apart from this, we handle the old prescription of the doctor for medicine and yes we buy all the quantities of capsules, syrup and ointments prescribed by the doctors because its necessary to complete the course of medicine as per doctor suggestion . When I go to visit Dr., I have often made a Habit to take a photo of the prescription so that it is saved in the mobile until it visits the visit again. But Mostly, my grandfather refuses to visit us at the doctor's house and insists on home remedies and most of the time it works.

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    Yes we have the habit of maintaining the basic medicine box which contains, headache medicines, pain killer medicines, cold and cough medicines and above all the digene which are normally taken without any doctors advice. It is good habit to have basic medicines at the disposal because when suddenly the headache comes at the late night or at the wee hours we cannot fetch the medicines and therefore having stock of enough medicines is always good. For my self I have the Himalaya pain lotion for headache which is every effective and also has the vicks inhaler which is must during winter season.
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    It is a good habit to keep a medicine box handy in our houses as it helps a great deal especially in odd times if someone gets ill. For this the pharmacy person would guide us and give the minimum basic medicine and we can store them. Only problem is that it is like an insurance expenditure that we have to incur as in many cases these might not be required and are to be thrown once they are expired. Still I would recommend to keep a few of them as they save us from a lot of inconveniences in the odd hours. I can suggest the bare minimum pack as -

    1. For reducing fever - any antipyretic like Crocin.
    2. For headache + cold + congestion - any combination of 3-4 medicines like Wikoryl.
    3. For vomiting - any anti vomiting like Perinorm.
    4. For loose motions - any anti diarrhoea one like Norflox or Norflox-TZ.
    5. Pain reliever cream - any analgesic like Violini.
    6. For wounds / cut / burn etc - any common one like Soframycin, Burnol etc.
    7. For reactions or allergy - anything like Allegra.
    8. For acidity, belching etc - anything like Pantocid or Rablet-D etc.
    9. For dehydration - anything like Electral etc.
    10. A few pieces of gauge, a thermometer, common eye drops, dettol, sanitiser etc.

    These are only indicative medicines for emergency and not in the nature of prescription. These medicines can sometimes have severe adverse reactions also. It is always advisable to take them only after telephoning to your doctor. For mild ailments home remedies suffice many a times.

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    My first aid box contains only a small Dettol bottle, Nebasulf powder, and few plasters and cotton. Since I have a clinic and medical shop near my home, I don't stock any tablets at home. Of course, my good lady keeps some Crocin, Asprin, Paracetamol, Vicks and Amritanjan.
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    I used to keep a medicine box in our house which contains tablets for cold, fever, to stop vomit, to arrest loose motion, antacid tablets, cotton,bandage cloth, scissor, dettol, antiseptic cream and band aid. I used to chek the same to remove the tablets crossing expiry dates. I used to take tablets out of the strip from the other side where the expiry date mentioned to chek expiry date later.
    When I was working in a factory attached office, I took brief case to my office daily in which I kept a small box containing needy tablets and band aid for general use. One day a co passenger got injured when she got down from bus, I offered her a band aid to put on the wound. But the same was misunderstood by my wife side relatives that I am taking medicines without consulting doctors so that I keep a medicine box in my brief case. My wife then explained them suitably.

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    A First-Aid box or a basic medicine box is very much required in any house, especially with kids. I also have one medicine box. I keep basic medicines like for headaches, cold and fever, a basic antiseptic ointment, bandages, etc in it. Many times, it gets waste after crossing the expiry dates but that's fine as there is no other way to work it out. I usually do not buy the whole strip of tablets or capsules and buy only half of it or so and when half of it gets consumed, I buy the next lot of it.

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    Yes. The author is right. We purchase a full strip of medicine and we use a part of that strip and the remaining will be lying in our medicine's box. This happens in almost all houses. My wife once in a while opens that box and see for expiry date and those medicines which are expired will be collected. She will take out the tablets from the wrappers and uses them as a feed to the plants in our small garden. When we see this we both will think that we should purchase a full strip and only minimum quantity should be purchased. But I never implement that. When we go for purchasing again we will purchase a full strip.
    This is not only a waste of money but risk also. Without noticing if we use those medicines there may be some side effects. Even though there are no side effects after taking the medicine if it happens to see the expiry date we will get tensed and we may again contact the doctor for his suggestion.
    So when should make a habit of purchasing the only minimum required quantity and if we want again we can purchase. We should inculcate that habit so that wastage will be minimum.

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    First Aid Box is a must for a family because some common issues such as headache, cough and cold, fever, indigestion problem, back aches are recurring in nature. No one knows when a family member is afflicted with such disorders. However to take care of expiry of the medicines, stock of each item is kept to bare minimum- purchasing the tablets not exceeding six and taking small tubes of Volini, Vapour Rub etc to avoid the wastage of the medicines due to expiry.
    However, in order to boost immunity, my family members resort to taking Luke warm water time to time and Green Tulasi tea in both morning and evening times.

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    From the member's responses, it is clear that we can chase this to make an effort to reduce the purchase of medicines according to the need.
    We should also be careful that the expired tablets should not fall n the hands of children. They may get confused with the colour, so consider as eatables.

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    As every member commented, we too maintain a medicine box that contains the common medicines that are required for quick relief. Some of the common medicines that I have is for cold and fever, acidity, pain relief, band-aid, ointment or wound and burn, cough syrup, bandage, loose motions, balms. As my sisters are nurses and working in the hospitals, whenever they come home, they do check the medicines in the box and throw the expired ones and even fill new ones. The most common and used often in our house is the pain killer which my amma uses, cold and fever tablet. I usually prefer using balms for external use like Vicks, Amrutanjan and Eucalyptus oil which is safe and provides quick reliefs from pain.
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    In our home we maintain a medicine box which will have many OTC medicines needed for first aid for headache, mild fever, cold, headache, mild throat congestion and cough, body ache, indigestion and gas, mild acidity etc. We also may have band aid tapes,mild antiseptic ointment etc too. Usually when some physical discomfort occurs as above we immediately take the OTC medicine at hand. If the problem does not subside even after two doses, then we visit a doctor. These medicines become quite helpful and convenient during travel and tour.
    Yes it is true that many times some medicines go waste as they would have exceeded their expiry date. But that is tolerable in comparison to the discomfort we have to suffer when we do not have such first aid medicines, especially during night time or on public holidays.

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