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    Diplomacy – The Sugar-Coated Bitter Pill

    A diplomat is a person who can tell a lie in such a manner to another person (who is also a diplomat) that the second person is compelled to let on that he/she really believes the first person, although he/she knows that the first person is lying, who knows that the second person does not believe him/her, yet both let on that each believes the other, while both know that both are liars. That is the reality of diplomacy.

    This usually happens in the public domain as in meetings between country heads/foreign or trade ministry levels etc. The people involved are all smiles and politeness and cordial and even jovial. In private, behind closed doors would be the threatening, browbeating, warning, arm-twisting of one country or party dominating the other to where the raw emotions manifest.

    I would say that this generally happens at our home levels, among the relatives and within own families too.

    Would you agree with the above or deny diplomatically?

    (This is my entry for TOW topic Diplomacy)
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    Nice post from the author connecting the tow topic. I am also of the opinion that what the diplomats and heads of the governments have one to one meeting inside the room is different and they show something else in the presence media. When the Chinese head came to India , we have seen how he was treated at Mahabalipuram by PM Modi and we thought China is the new ally and would make our friendship strong. But the way China has been doing the overtures at the border proves that we cannot trust any country which boast to be the friend of India anymore. We do not want cheap diplomacy for the sake of media.
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    I totally agree with Author that generally diplomacy followed by us at our home levels, among the relatives and within own families too. Diplomacy is an art of behavior in which understanding of sensibilities and shrewdness is very important. In the ancient period, diplomats were concerned with the representatives dealing with foreign affairs. But nowadays diplomacy is considered an art of ordinary behavior.
    By the way, the job of diplomats is to think, achieve truth with the ingredients of strength and maintain peace. But a diplomat does a lot of work as if he has not done anything. That means being seen doing nothing and getting what you want. This is the work of diplomats. I fell Diplomacy should be there in once nature , it not bed idea to be diplomatic.

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    A well-raised point which we normally see with our political leaders. In the recent news channel, these are the common treat that we get to watch through their debate on any topic. I would not highlight any one news channel but you can find the same in most of the channels where leaders of different political parties throw fire on each other and some are so diplomating that they would speak as if honey is flowing through their words. These are the common things that are gaining importance where each blames others but they themself knows the truth and would be best buddies outside. Many leaders who gut poison for others in front of people and media would be seen at a function in the oppositions house, hugging and shaking hands as if they never had any spat. The common man need to remove the sugar-coated talk and understand the truth and stand firm in questioning the leaders about their promises and manifestos that they present in front of us during the election. The same kind of people is seen in our families and we need to be careful from such two-faced trait people.
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    I don't agree with the author in context to the title of the thread.
    Diplomacy is not always telling lies, it a smart way to make a person act according to your will and to maintain calm atmosphere.
    When it comes argumentation between the diplomats of two nations it is always in a cordial atmosphere, counter-arguments. It is not lies always as most of the time minutes of the meeting are being noted down. They put in their arguments which are not in front of the public. But when they come to the public (in front of their own people) they twist them and try to prove that for the benefit of the nation they have taken this step.
    Hope all remember the case of Sarabjit Singh (Indian prisoner who was killed in the Pakistani jail). All the arrangement were made for his release, but his murder in jail was a shocking incident and the Pakistani government gave stupid argument with diplomacy. All were just eyewash but the reality was he was killed due to lack of security for him.
    Diplomacy at home is to keep the atmosphere cordial and calm. I have written this in my thread post: Diplomacy is mostly rewarding!.

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    I also feel diplomacy can't be telling lies. But it is just giving like a gold coating on an iron article. It is like a sweet coated bitter pill. But that will do good only for the taker also. In modern management, these sweet talks are very much required especially for the people at the executive level. The can't rudely talk and get the work done. Their ultimate aim is to get the work done. So they have to show things to the people in a better way but they can't make false statements or false promises. They should manage the issue without making anybody unhappy. For them, this diplomacy is a good tool.
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