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    Country defence strength depends on weapons or number of soldiers?

    Will the defence strength of a country be gauged on the basis of weapons it has or on the number of personnel enrolled in the Armed Forces? An interesting query to be debated on in this forum.

    India has been facing a hostile attitude from all sides of the borders even during this pandemic and the nation has to tackle the enemy overtures from all sides of the country. Yesterday the first lot of modern warplane Rafale has been handed over to India and they have almost reached here. With five new fighter planes, India's strength through the air has become more strong. At the same time, India is also strengthening the armed forces with more personnel of all ranks. What according to your opinion that a country can boast of being strong through the piling of weapons or having a formidable strength of the armed forces?

    This is the self-challenge thread a day for the 28th July 2020.
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    According to me both of them are important because in today's time where every country is building new weapons, the competition is increasing, on the other hand the number of soldiers is also necessary.
    The society should go in any situation, politics should take its turn on any side, what should be the policy of appeasement, it is a different matter but the truth is that these are soldiers, therefore we are; The truth is that the fingers of the soldiers are on the trigger, then we are breathing in the open air; A soldier performs his duty diligently away from his family, only then do we share happiness with our family.
    A good soldier will be able to demonstrate his skills even better when he has good weapons.

    Swati Sharma

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    I also think that both are important and are required to be strengthened. From that point of view, we cannot cut expenditure on defence matters. It is vital and crucial for survival. The enemy would strike as soon as it observes that we are less prepared in terms of weapons or manpower. There is an old proverb - catch the enemy unaware. In 1962 during the war with China we realised that our army was much less in numbers and after that only efforts were made to increase it. Why we should wait for a devastating war to get enlightenment of that sort? In the country Israel every citizen is a soldier.
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    Both are equally important. One is with soul with no power, and the other is without soul but with power. If a rifle or gun is an equipment, there should be someone to hold and operate the gun and fire. Gun and men are directly proportional. Where there are more guns and men, the victory is sure.
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    Mohan, Rafale planes will be touching down Indian soil on 29 July at Ambala airbase.
    I am a bit confused about what to say. It is said that you may have a pistol to protect yourself but that pistol alone cannot help you till you have the guts to use it.

    Hope all the member here would remember the name of Abdul Hamid of Indian Army. He was posted during the 1971 war with Pakistan on the border. Our army got the information that the Pakistani army will be attacking their base with tanks. At this particular base, our army did not have arms to counter the attack by tanks.

    Abdul Hamid said that he can stop the Pakistani tanks for coming close to the India base. When his senior officers ask as to how it is possible he said that he will carry bombs with him and get into the trench in the way of the tanks and the moment the tanks will come near he will detonate the bomb and the tanks will be destroyed. It was done and we won the war.

    I think the most important thing is the moral of the soldiers even if they are less in number that can bring in victory.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    In my opinion, both are important. We should have good weaponry to face the enemies who have good modern weapons in their kitty. So we have to be in that front also. At the same time, there should be a sufficient number of soldiers so that they can take care of all the issue. Well trained soldiers we can use modern technology and weapons are required.
    India is having a good number of soldiers who can bravely face the opposition. But they are handicapped as they are not having sufficient advanced weapons which will come in handy when the need arises. So the present government is inviting foreign countries to invest in India in the defence sector also. Addition Rafale planes to our weapons is a very good move and that will give additional strength to our military forces.
    Further, the need in other areas also to be assessed and decide whether to develop indigenously or to import. DRDO is working on developing of new weapon systems and a good progress is seen in different areas. But defence production is suffering a lot and that area is to be taken care.

    always confident

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