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    A refined but uncomfortable form of untouchability

    Tamil Nadu is the worst affected State among all the Southern States. The most unfortunate part of the whole story is that the Cornora virus has spread to every part of the State. It is perhaps the only State with the most irresponsible and insensitive people. They just do not bother to wear masks and behave as if there is no virus at all. Most of the gatherings, particularly in tea shops resemble the huge crowds that are shown in all Tamil movies starring the famous actor Vijay, and social distancing has gone to the winds.

    Those affected have the worst trouble. Children who are less than 3 years of age, do not just understand why the mother does not touch him or her. The husband is affected too and things become very complicated. Sometimes, some understanding neighbors help. Worse, the mother is sometimes forced to take the child along to the quarantine center, and this is mostly the school or the college nearby.

    We are thus practising a growing, but refined form of untouchability. One only hopes that the vaccine comes out at leat in November. We need to get back to normal lives. Children below three years of age need all the attention and love and affection of parents. Only God has to save all people. And also perhaps appear in some form to educate the irresponsible people of this State, with one of the highest literacy rates in India.
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    As illustrated by the author it appears as a pathetic conditions. I think it is the duty of the Govt officials as well as good citizens to bring awareness in the masses about the fearful side of this virus pandemic. In such calamities public participation is a must for getting the situation controlled and contained. If we do not take care then who would help us. Govt does not have resources even to take care of the careful people and in such a case where from the infrastructure can be generated to take care of the defaulting and careless people in any part of the country.
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    It is really alarming and I think Tamil Nadu is not the only state facing this issue. In many places, people are behaving carelessly and unnecessarily crowding. Every day the regional news channels show some of those pictures. What I found is the tendency among many of us is not to follow any rules. Be it to wear helmets while driving or to take preventive measures against COVID-19. The law enforcing authorities has to step in to make the mass follow the rules. Untouchability is visible in many places which are definitely going to make the situation even complex. In many places, local people are not allowing their neighbours to stay inside their own home if they are Corona positive. They are forcing such neighbours to visit the quarantine centres even when there is an instruction for home-isolation for such people if they do not have symptoms. Those people may be highly educated, but lack realization. They tend to forget that viral infection can affect anyone irrespective of their position in society.

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    The situation is very bad in many States. Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States are also like this. Numbers in Telangana are less as the number of tests is very less. On average, AP is testing 50000 samples a day whereas Telangana is testing only 10000 samples a day.
    Some people are very careful and some people are careless. But some people are going out as there is no alternative for them. As mentioned by the author, God only has to save those people.
    In Hyderabad, if a person in one family is tested positive, the hospitals are not testing immediately for the other members of the family. They say there is no necessity as there are no symptoms. Why they should wait for the symptoms? There are many chances for the virus to spread from a member of a family to another family member. So they should test their samples immediately and take immediate action. But that is not happening here.

    It is very bad to behave differently with the suffering person. At the same time, we can't cross the Lakshman Rekha. Social distancing is very important. One should be very careful with the children.

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    It is very simple for anyone to understand if we look straight at it. But we do not look straight but look sideways deliberately and are adamant to admit facts and pretend as if we have not seen anything.
    We started demolishing established practices of tradition one by one using various terminologies and attractive coinages. All these wise things we shook away as orthodox and unscientific and irrational. Even after all these unfortunate happenings we are not ready to admit our deficiencies and mistakes, but holding on to false prestige and ego.
    It is very evident that modern medicine and science has no ready cure or prevention for this menace now. But still the 'modern' and 'rational' and 'scientific' people do not allow even to try some other alternatives which many beliefs are effective. Had some good sense prevailed from start, a lot of suffering and loss could have been avoided. But the sheer adamancy not to accept traditional alternatives took us up to this stage.
    Differentiation, discrimination and segregation are practiced even today by even the equalists and rationalists. When it is practiced by them they justify it as security, precaution, need, privacy etc. There is always hypocrisy and dichotomy in modern life.
    The wise always learn from previous experiences whether own or others'. It still can be done.

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    Untouchability is coming in a new form today, there is no doubt that the constitution of India mentioned that as per article 17 untouchability is wrong in some parameters but on the other hand today all world because of the situation says keep stay away from each other as it is the only solution to be safe from epidemic spread in the whole world. this is not a violation of the constitution but it is needed today. Today due to the irresponsibility of some educated citizens their entire family is suffering so this time when corona spreading in our country can be overcome only by mutual support and following the rules until the vaccine does not exist only social distancing will save us and our loved once.
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