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    I am a sinner. What about you?

    I consider myself a sinner on this earth. Because I have killed many insects in my life. I have killed many mosquitoes, I have killed many ants in my house, I have killed flies, I have killed a few rats, knowingly. Hence I consider myself a sinner for killing many God created creatures during my life.

    Do we have the right to kill them? What would be the punishment for this? Where would my soul reach, heaven or hell?

    What about you? Have you killed the creatures? Are you also a sinner like me? Do you feel guilty and regret? Any solution (parihar) to come out of the sins?
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    It is inevitable. We can't keep silent when we have so many ants or mosquitoes or flies around us. They create many health hazards around us. So to protect ourselves from those we have no other option than killing them. That way almost all human beings are sinners only. We will be doing many sins of a similar nature.

    We might have made many other sins also, not alone killing the creatures only. We may be unknowingly doing some other sins also. Shouting on a person who comes to us for a favour or throwing stones on birds if they are spoiling our items or killing rats by applying rat poison etc. These are also sins. God may punish us for these sins.

    We may be doing some good deeds also. But it will not compensate for the sins. You have to enjoy the result of good deeds and we have to suffer the punishments for our sins.

    always confident

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    Very interesting post. We are all sinners in one way or other but few of us accept that fact and tell them in open to the masses in society or to their friends. As regards killing of insects, they also have a soul and creation of same divine power which has created us. It is definitely an act of sin. Before that it would be worthwhile to understand what sin is. As per many cultures and societies among which ours is also one in this world, it is believed that anything which is not liked by the almighty is a sin. Whether it is killing of insects, dishonesty, corruption, backbiting, torturing fellow beings, committing act of theft, hiding things, telling lies, fighting without reason, not performing one's duty, murdering, suicide, ambushing, deceiving, and many other similar actions all are categorised under sin and that is why I told in the beginning that all of us are sinners in one way or other. Now depending upon the gravity of the sin committed the punishment might be there. There are different theories about punishment. Some say it would be in this life only while others advocate that it would be in next life. Those who do not believe in almighty have no concept of punishment after sin and they may or may not do sins but if they do then they do it without any fear.
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    @Sun your opening sentence to this thread is (I consider myself a sinner on this earth. ), I say for my self that I am the greatest sinner on this planet earth.
    I cannot say about others but I have committed numerous sins which should not be pardoned. But as it is said that God loves your 70 times more than your parents, He can pardon you if you apologise.
    Killing any living being is the most heinous crime on this earth. If we cannot give life to them then who has given us the right to kill them.
    I remember a story here which might reply to your query. There was a person who was being tried for murder which he did not commit but all the evidence were against him. The judge was confused, but from the core of his heart, he was convinced that the accused is not a criminal. On the final day of judgment, the judge said, "I will pronounce the final judgment tomorrow".
    The next day judge gave his judgment, "Hang till death!" The accused requested for a personal meeting with the judge and the permission was granted. The accused said, "I have not committed this murder". The judge said, "Yes, not this one, but you have killed ants in your childhood days and told an incident of accused's childhood days to him". The accused said, "Yes, he remembers that incident and the same has been haunting him since the day he committed it". The judge said, "Did you ever asked for an apology for the same anytime during your lifetime?" The accused said, "Never!" Finally, the judge said, "You are not being punished for this murder but consider that you are being punished for what you did with those ants in your childhood!" The accused was convinced.
    We never know what sin we commit but we should always ask for His mercy and pardon us for our wrongdoings.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    There is a saying in Tamil, when some animals or insects harms you, you have the right to defend and even kill. Therefore there is no harm in killing insects and other species as mentioned by the author. It is to be noted that except human being, all other insects and animals are getting multiplied day by day and there is need to control their over population and thus the God has created human being to be their ultimate life ending person. So we indulging in swapping mosquitoes through mats, killing cockroaches through sprays and killing rats through the glue mats would matter nothing for us and no sin.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    yes, you are right on that way we all are a sinner but on the other hand to live life and to take care of our loved once sometimes we have to take some decision ...maybe those decisions are not looks rights in others point of view but we know the importance of that act which we have done. So I feel every person even animals also live their life for some reason and sometimes have to do some acts which look like sin, for example, killing mosquitoes is also one of them but we know we did not do this knowingly to heart but it just happen sometimes. As far as Heaven is concerned then it is up to GOD only. Whatever we are doing is right or wrong, only he will decide it.
    Swati Sharma

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    Everyone is a sinner but he who confesses is the best sinner and I vouch for him to be a good person.

    Sinning is in human nature but we aren't scared of sinning because of easy ways of atonement and redemption in different faith. It may be a core issue for some people.

    Killing fellow human beings is no more a sin but only a crime, so some people even don't bother to seek reparation and how to remain scotfree is known to them.

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