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    "One India One Pension" (OIOP) - The new context that deserves people's attention.

    One India One Pension (OIOP) is a movement coined for a Universal Basic Pension for to each senior citizen of the country. Its a people's movement that focuses on earning Rs.10,000 monthly pension as an income during their old age. It is looking forward to bring in a cathartic change in society through social security to people as seen in other countries.

    The present pension scenario stands good only for government servants and MNC or big company employees whereas the middle, poor and private job workers get a minimum amount which is not sufficient even for buying medicines in their old age so how can they manage the expense of their family. Even the other pension schemes run by the state and the central government is an expense but not effectively incorporated or recompense. The data of the senior citizens can be systematized from the Aadhar card data and bring to effect without much nodus.

    The One-India, One-Pension(OIOP) concept has triggered in Kerala and is spreading its wings, looking to remove the stress destitution and dependence in old age and make life easier for every senior citizen of our country.

    I would like to put forward a few questions in front of our members for your views and thoughts.
    1. Do you think One-India, One-Pension(OIOP) concept is worthy?
    2. Will it compliment the present Social security schemes or should this be enough?
    3. Can this movement help in making life easier for senior citizens?
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    What I feel that one India and one pension may not be acceptable to those who are already drawing 40,000 rupees as pension. My relative who retired from Defence accounts department through air force is now drawing that much pension. How can he forgo 30,000 for the sake one India one pension motto. Most of the central govt employees who retired with high positions are drawing hefty pensions and they are happy to receive the same. So this kind of pittance pension would not be agreed by anyone as the amount is meager which cannot cater to the requirements of old aged persons.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    What Mohan said is correct? A person who is getting a good pension may not accept this proposal. Why a person should lose his money for the benefit of others?
    But all employees either private or government sector, they all should be brought under one umberella and then a pension scheme can be designed? All employees should have the same type of retirement benefits and then they should be given equal pension based on their pay during the service.
    But leaders will never propose such issues. Now a pension scheme for all MPs and MLAs is in pipeline If one nation one pension scheme comes they will also be on the loser's side. For the sake of the public why they should lose the facilities?

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    One India One Pension to senior citizens not worked in government, but in private sectors is acceptable. Private sectors award a lum sum amount to their retired employees. There too, all senior citizens are not poor to receive a pension. There are well to do senior citizens in India. The status of such senior citizen should be studied well before the award. Only senior citizens below the poverty line should be considered for this pension award.

    Instead of cash as a pension, provide the poor senior citizens with ration, shelter, clothes and pocket money for their survival.

    Don't try to treat the retired government servants in bar with other senior citizens.

    No life without Sun

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    It is understood that many who are getting good pension may not agree or support it and especially the government servants and politicians but putting our thoughts in front of the people and government so that they can make a plan or study the subject which is good for all is the purpose.

    As mentioned by SuN(#705745), Instead of cash as a pension, provide the poor senior citizens with ration, shelter, clothes and pocket money for their survival and not to compare it with retired government servants but don't you think that many people are working in private sectors than the government offices. We need every sector and people in every category then why don't we think of their well-being. The mere 2000 Rupees from the government during this time is nothing as I mentioned that it is not enough to even buy their medicines so how can they look after them.

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    Let's keep the government employees and employees of MNCs out of this concept because the amount they earn after retirement is much higher than the proposed One-India, One-Pension(OIOP) concept. Though the number of such employees is much less compared to the total workforce. Now I am giving the replies asked for one by one.
    1. The concept of One-India, One-Pension(OIOP) is worthy but the amount cannot be fixed like that. Rs 10,000/- may be fixed as the minimum pension amount for citizens but in many cases that amount will also not be sufficient. I am saying the amount is not sufficient but there are many senior citizens who do not get that amount also. India is a poor country and it is equally true that unless one is a retired government employee or retired from a multinational organization there is no social security for the aged. There is no social security for the unemployed too.

    2. The amount of money provided through various social security schemes run by the government is very less and compared to those schemes the proposal mentioned in the thread looks good.

    3. The rate of interest of various monetary schemes are reducing regularly and to receive Rs 10,000/- as monthly pension one has to deposit a huge amount in those schemes. Many private companies do not provide such huge amount to their employees after retirement and you will find many such retired persons taking a job elsewhere to supplement the amount they are receiving. Those who are not leading a comfortable retired life because of their financial conditions will find it a bit helpful because at least Rs 10,000/- will be provided to them instead of the meagre sum they are getting now.


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