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    The day I forgot the existence of the guest

    While we are absorbed in our work here at ISC or other professional work online or busy with chores around the house, we are not consciously thinking of the unwanted guest. However, somewhere at the back of our mind most of us will be very aware of all the things we need to follow as far as this guest (I call it a bug) is concerned, such as wearing a mask when stepping out, washing hands thoroughly and the whole rigmarole involved on maintaining safety and hygiene. We've more or less accepted it as a necessary routine in our day to day life. We may also be eagerly checking out on updates of the vaccine - that is, when not looking at morbid statistical data.

    Now, normally when I have a need to step out, let's say to the bank or to the market to buy vegetables, I am sort of mentally prepared beforehand and won't linger over the newspaper like on other days. I will hustle and get ready so that I can get back home to start work. On this past Sunday, I got up with a query on my mind, similar to those times, "Where do I have to go out today? What was that work at the bank that I had to do?" Then, all of a sudden, a nudge scattered those thoughts to remind me with a jolt that not only was it a Sunday when the banks are not open, but there's a bug out there, where are you off to?!

    I laughed to myself and it felt really, really good to have just for a fleeting totally happy moment completely forgotten about the unwanted guest!

    Stay home, stay safe.
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    Sometimes we have to manage with the unwanted guests and treat them properly. Otherwise, they will tell everybody that we are not good hosts. That may not be good for us. So we should keep some ready to mix material with us and they will come in handy when such gets come.
    These days a mask, a sanitizer, hand gloves and some immunity development medicines are very important and who should not think of them as unwanted guests even though they are not comfortable.
    It is good if we can manage without any need of such unwanted guests. The last Wednesday I went out for small work. It is almost seven days I moved out and hence these seven days no worries. I am happy I need not use any of them

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    I had discussed the regular guest in my thread related to expecting guests but today, I too had to call these special guests which were kept aside without usage.
    I have been to the bank today and was not allowed without a mask, but then it was a different outlook to see the market area filled with colourful masks just like an ornament on all the ladies and gents faces. Even the children accompanied them.

    I had not been to the market for more than a few weeks. Today it gave me a different scenic beauty. The people have become so responsible for maintaining distance. I was really happy to see them.

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    I am seeing a change in the style and pattern of writing by Vandana. Her posts are now showing mystic tendencies. Of course she herself had asked members to "Take up simple, mundane topics and not only serious subjects; consider trying to incite others to respond with a mere four or five sentences, etc. Write happy threads, humorous ones, share some unique experiences at home or on a trip, and so on. Don't box your thoughts to only the categories available for you to place a thread. Look far, look beyond - the forum can be utilized as a canvas that is as vast as the sky!"(Ref: Thread a day Challenge announcement)
    I think both the respondents above had not understood (or is it only I who did not understand) the core of the message in the thread.
    Frankly, what I understood from the thread is the unwanted guest is the Corona Virus which the author wishes to "call it a bug".
    If my understanding is right, then I see that as a misfit. The comparison does not suit. Somehow the thread lacks the usual charm of naivety (non-sophistication) and openness generally seen in Vandana's threads. (My advance apologies if it is I who had got it wrong).

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    Corona effect has changed the thought process of many members and we are now talking about existence, not future programs nor secured future. As the situation is grim and dull. we are forced to move with the time of challenging period and the bad news about the friends, relatives and known people succumbed to the virus is really disturbing us and we are not giving thought to near normal situations. By the way the virus is not a bug or the disease., it is the temporary setback to the lives of those who are very strong with commitments and self confidence and proves danger for those who are constantly afraid of the virus.
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    I too know that an unwanted guest is roaming on the street waiting for an invitation. Many a time, when I went out, I used to forget the dangerous guest. When I kick start my scooter and when I look at others wearing a mask, I request my wife to get me the mask. When I return home, my wife will ensure that I wash my hands and the items I brought. She is afraid of the guest coming in any form. But I always ensure that the guest is not accompanying me home.

    Stay home - Stay safe.
    Wear a mask - Keep the distance - Wash your hands to avoid the unwanted guest at your home

    No life without Sun

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    Yes, Venkiteswaran. I am referring to the virus and members do not seem to have understood my thread. What I meant was that on a daily basis even as we go about our routine activities, we are having some thoughts about the virus and may worry about having missed out on doing something that was not safe. For example, when I shake out a dab of sauce on the plate, automatically I swipe my finger around the rim of the bottle and lick it so that it does not go waste. In the present scenario, I immediately scold myself in my mind for doing that, get up and wash my hands again (I will have already washed them before sitting down to eat). The same with pickle. If I brush off the pickle on a spoon with my finger, I will not put the spoon back into the bottle. I will wash my hands and the spoon, both. So in that sense all the time the virus is there to be considered and cannot be ignored. However, on that one Sunday, it was like there was no such thing on my mind at all. I woke up with the usual thoughts of thinking ahead of where I had to go and do what. It was just that fleeting joyful moment (of not giving a thought to the "guest") which I experienced that I shared here.
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    It is quite natural for many of us to forget the existence of the unwanted guests after looking at the almost usual crowd outside. The news channels also telecast such videos of people flouting all the norms. But nobody wants those unwanted guests to enter their homes. Many are aware of the consequences and are taking extreme precautions. One big problem is since many are staying inside and not going out unless it is necessary at times they tend to think that Every day is a Sunday. If you are staying inside all the time, though you are working throughout the day, and the surroundings are less crowded you may easily forget that it is a working day.

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    I have been brought up in my maternal grandparents' home. So from childhood I was taught certain hygienic habits. I think most families in our country still follow such habits. To prevent fungus layer formation in pickles, etc we are not allowed to touch the pickle bottle mouth or spoon head by hand, and if we touched we should not put the spoon back in the bottle. After we started eating by hand, we are not allowed to touch any other thing or nearby plate also by that hand. We would not get food unless we washed our hands before sitting in front of the food plate.
    Many such habits imbibed in childhood still continue by habit, custom and conviction. Hence, for me except for wearing the mask all other things automatically fall in place and not needed to start cultivating now. I had mentioned aboutT-D-S formula of Time, Distance and Shielding I learned. This awareness came to my help for the current situation. In addition my wife generally reminds or confirms that I take all the essentials when I step out of home.

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