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    Planning to buy a flat in a G+2 floor out of G+5, where builder has approval for only G+2. Is it ok

    In Bachupally area of Hyderabad, I am planning to buy a 2bhk flat in G+2 floor.
    But the building is constructed with G+5 floors though the builder has only approval till G+2.

    Can I go head and purchase the flat from official floor & will there be any consequences in future?

    Please suggest
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    Please don't go for it. These days things are different. All the unauthorized building structures would be brought down without any mercy to the builders or the house owners. So refrain from buying flats from those unauthorised and unapproved plots/flats. Look for a approved plot/flat, even if it is little far away from the city.
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    I sincerely suggest you go to the Ask Experts section and conduct your search there. There are many similar questions and they are answered by the people and that will give you a good understanding of the problem you are facing. There may not be any problem for you if you are purchasing in the G +2 floor. That means there are all approvals and other papers which will make you a legally valid owner of that apartment. But you should have a clause when we are purchasing from the builder that in case of any problem from the government authorities, the builder should see that you will not get disturbed and you will receive back the money you have paid with minimum bank interest. But If I were in your place, I will never go for such a purchase. When we are investing money which we earned with a lot of hard work in such risky issues. Let us have a peaceful life in the apartment we purchase. Go for a legally no problem apartment only.
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    ISC experts in Ask Experts section have answered similar queries in past and you can benefit from them. Some of those answers given are available in this site under Ask Experts section at the following links -

    Link 1

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    In case, you are not satisfied with those answers and have something more to get clarified then please post a separate question in Ask Experts section and experts would try to resolve that query.

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    Is Bachupally area quite affordable or cheap for buying flats? I have seen many questions asked in Ask Experts section about buying flats in Bachupally area. It is interesting and ironical to note that people are aware that the constructions above G+2 are not sanctioned and still want to buy flats in such buildings knowing the deviation and asking expert opinion on that.
    You may please visit the concerned office or section in Bachupally Panchayat office and Greater Hyderaqbad Municipal Corporation and/or Hyderabad Metroplitan Development Authority /Urban Development Authority offices and enquire about the particular building and the sanction and permission given to them. Also enquire with them and get copy if available of the relevant sanction. If the flat you want to purchase is properly sanctioned then you can buy it after taking al due precautions. Buy it only if the flat is fully completed and occupation certificate and building and house number for the flat is given by the authorities. Enquire and ensure that the flat can be registered on your name.
    Instead of taking so much risk it is suggested you search more and buy a flat which is complete, all needed certificates and sanctions obtained and house number given and registration will be done immediately on payment.

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