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    What will happen if some other country's goods enter India?

    China was everywhere around us. From the cheapest electronic goods to mobiles to a very wide variety of plastic goods to whatever. It was said that China's goods offered a good deal of self-employment in the unorganized sector and the small scale sector.

    The question is: is there any other country that can equal China in terms of cheap goods of all kinds? A computer keyboard at just Rs.400 or less that can be used for six months and then thrown out of the window, Can we have some country like say, Vietnam, take the place of China?

    What do readers think of this change? And how will things pan out in the ultimate analysis?
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    I was always writing against the liberal FDI flow. All these years I had been writing warning about the dangers of Globalisation and liberalisation. I had been warning about the scheming China.
    In December2011, I had participated in the GD Should entry of foreign retail companies be allowed in India? I forcefully argued against the FDI and concluded saying "In conclusion I summarise my argument against FDI in retail sector in one line. 'By inviting FDI our government tries to save the hen by bringing the Fox ' ".

    In a 2016 thread Can we totally discard the Chinese product? I noted,
    "Things have come to such a situation that we are now not able to make out which is not a Chinese product. There was great propaganda and even strong political pressure to privatise, 'liberate' our economy to foreign business. Most of such propagandists never imagined that it would be mostly exploited by Chinese business. Those who wanted our trade and economy to keep wide open our doors themselves started suffering the burden of their trick. ...........Earlier Hindustan Lever was influencing our daily life by making us use their products - everything from the time we get up in the morning till we slept. ................The same case happens to Chinese products. ..."

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    In a 2016 thread Should Indian boycott the Chinese goods? I responded saying "This is the real paradox or irony in our current life. We follow, praise and befriend all those things and matters which were anathema or inimical to us earlier. That is because we simply forgot real history. ............ China was never and will never be a good friend to India. They are more cunningly selfish than the US. We have history that is the story of betrayal. But even then we welcomed Chinese goods wholeheartedly and gave them profit. The fault was because of the Indian corporates who did not sacrifice even a small portion of their profits and sell really Indian made goods at a lower price................. ............ Even now time is not lost. The Indian corporates should rise to the occasion and sell their Indian manufactured goods at reduced price for the people to afford and buy. Even Baba Ramdev is also not selling his products at lower rates though he proclaims swadeshi, but only for his profit.

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    We should not arrive at the conclusion that China was only nurturing the world with its cheap and affordable products and no other country as the expertise. Now that the dragon country has been shunted out of India for its goods and apps , we are now free to make the same products and supply to our people. That is the reason so even the PM Modi has been inviting the global companies to make goods here and export to other countries and also given the call for vocal for local. All this would be happening sooner or later and we would be forgetting China and its products in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If you ask me that question. mu straight answer is that no country in the world is having the capability to compete with China except India. India is having a large human population and many people are interested in doing some job. If China is sidelined, the automatic choice is our country. But it will take some time to come up in the manufacturing sector and that is the reason we may have some problems initially. Many companies are looking at India and they may come and invest here. Indian population should start encouraging Indin products and start using them.
    always confident

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    We can not deny that a big number of products in India came from china from a long time ago and suddenly this kind of boycott is maybe raised many challenges for us.
    But I think we do not need to worry about the productions of the product and to manage their supply as per demand. The world's second-largest population living in India apart from that most of them are youth which is capable to work as per requirements.
    Here the thing which actually matters is government action regarding policies for business and other investments. Indian government already keeps focusing on self-dependency sort of movements for Indians, we just need to support our government and take the benefits from the plans like Kaushal Vikas yojana, improve our capabilities and create a market which would provide products better than Chinese products.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Dependency is almost like slavery. We have to be independent and self reliant. Even if we cannot produce everything needed in sufficient quantity needed, we should try to have all important things produced and serviced in our country itself. It is high time we have to re-invent our Independence time fervour on self reliance as a mission and goal. Self reliance only can lead us go ahead without any fear or hesitation, on our own terms.
    Our business men and manufacturers should satisfy with minimum profit and do it as a service to the nation.
    Instead of China even if another country comes they also will be keeping their interest and profit as key. But if that country is a democratic one it will be slightly better to deal with than China. That is only the difference.

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