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    Silence is not always golden

    It is said that speech is silver but silence is golden. This looks pretty good as sometimes not talking becomes a better option. One can sometimes get more by keeping silent than to unnecessary cry for something. But it is not true always. Even the mother does not give milk to the baby if it does not cry. So, many times we have to stand up and fight for our rights otherwise people would think as we have no voice and we cannot demand for something that we deserved. One has to consider a situation in totality and then only take a prudent decision as to talk or to keep silent. What do the members think about this?
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    Yes, there are two aspects to everything in life, we can not always have the same point of view as most of the views are depends on om the situation. I also one of those who remain silent, but it is necessary to give my views where needed.
    So yes it is a good thing which should be in our nature that is silence but on the other hand, we should say or give our opinion if it is necessary.
    most people who remain silent will make situations complicated,
    so It would be better to speak before.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Being silent will be rewarding some times but some times it is a bane also. When you have a pain you have to tell that. If you keep silent you will be in trouble and your problem will get aggravated. In such cases, you should open up.
    But sometimes we should be silent. When two people are talking on a subject and when we don't know the subject completely we should talk in between. We should keep silent. If they ask your opinion or expect you to resolve the problem then only you should talk. But you have to understand the subject completely and talk to both the parties involved and once you get convinced that you are competent to speak then only you should try.
    Our Ex-PM PV Narasimha Rao used this silence as his weapon many times. He is used to waiting for the things to happen and he used to take action only when he convinced that his action will resolve the issue.

    always confident

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    Speech and silence are considered silver and golden respectively, depending on the outcome. If the outcome is positive then only this holds true otherwise silence can be the cause of our sufferings. One such example may be offering bribes to get a job done. Knowing fully well that accepting or offering a bribe is a criminal offence many remain silent and because of that corrupt practises can reach to its peak. The same thing applies in case of sufferings also. Think of any kind of persecution be it inside the house or somewhere else. If the persecuted doesn't speak up and take remedial measures then the sufferings will increase. Whereas, when you know you are at fault it is always advisable to remain silent rather than arguing with someone saying you are correct. By unnecessarily arguing, you will complicate the situation.

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    Speaking and being silent is like the two sides of the same coin. When we toss it up, the chance of getting heads or tails will depend on factors like the flipping motion of the individual, wind direction, the way it is flipped, etc. In the same way, when to be mute or to raise your voice depends on many factors like the topic that is spoken involves you, it asking for opinion, you need to justify or make your stand firm, to calm the argument, it is better to be quiet as the topic in unproductive, etc. Many a time, being taciturn is more effective than venting out your opinion. Indeed, even the mother does not give milk to the baby if it does not cry but many mothers or parents understand their children's actions and feed them accordingly. It is also seen that when you try to forthcoming, they take you for granted and keep on blaming of pointing till you gut out on them to prove your innocence or point which was avoided to calm the talk.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    It all depends on the situation where we are bound to act according to the people and their attitude. Silence can be golden when there is a huge gathering of great religious discourse where in our role is limited or nothing to raise voice or register protest. But we have to open the mouth and ask questions inside the class room when we get the doubts during the course of the subject. If the questions not asked and not clarified , we are denying ourselves with the right to information and thus the silence here proves to be great setback. And once the time is lost we cannot get back the same.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Obviously, speaking and silent are the two sides of the same coin. Speaking and silence depend upon the situation. Always be silent is not golden. You may be in loss because of silence. It is also very true that always speaking may create a problem. So, there is a great need to observe the situation then take a decision whether to speak or not. Mother and baby example does not suit here because the small baby is unable to communicate. Mother always fulfil the baby requirement by seeing their gesture. In today's life, most people believe in speech and start to cry in a small issue. Very few people believe in silence. So, there is no question to be silent.

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    It is always a tough and difficult task to control on our speaking or talking even if the other person is not attentive to listen to us. This happens due to the reflexes present inside us. Many times it makes sense to keep quiet rather to talk as that helps in mitigating the problem in our hands. But it does not matter that we would be keeping ourselves mum on all the issues. Sometimes speaking is necessary.
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    It's very true that speech is silver and silence is gold. But this old good saying is bound to some limitations as well. Speech is silver provided that it's full of wisdom and also the listener is interested to listen to you; and silence is gold when opening your mouth to utter something entails some trouble for you or at least causes waste of time, moreover, useless argument with arrogant or stupid people is expected to bring you nothing but unnecessary headache, in this situation silence is better than speech.

    I don't think we should always raise our voice for our right or against injustice or against something harmful activity happening around us, especially, when the perpetrator is a very powerful person then uttering our ' speech' against him may be reciprocated in form of a warning or threat or sometimes unexpected attack - physically, mentally or (il)legally. However, 'request' is the best tool to break the silence in this situation.

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