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    Does winning prizes motivate you more than self motivation?

    This week I am blessed to be announced a winner in two contests. One contest was favourite child charachter in a book and the other was TOW thread of the week contest. I am so glad to be winner of two contests in a week. But it made my mind think over, if the announcement is more important for me or my own mental drive is more important?

    I think my own mind force is more important in driving me to do something good. After the "thread a day" challenge I have promised myself to try for 31 days or minimum 21 days of thread a day challenge. The thread which got me into TOW special prize winners is a part of my challenge to myself.

    What do you think drives you more positively, a contest prize or self motivation?
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    The absolutely correct point, when we do anything new in life or when we move toward our goal then along with time and hard work, motivations are also an important factor to gain success.
    I am not saying motivation just only factors to achieve the goal or to do something new but yes it is trying that if we got some kind of prizes and appreciation through messages then it plays a big role to motivate us to do the same thing with new ideas and maintain your position which was appreciated from others. When we got appreciation we feel like we have reached another step of success

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    There is nothing better than the self motivation and the self satisfaction. Winning a prize is always coupled with convincing others through your acts or actions and in this case writing best content. But not all the contents gets the prize and those which are one step ahead of others, they have the chance to win the prize. And that does not mean that those who competed and made the near win are the hopeless. Sometimes awards or the prizes not given to the same person again and again to have the equal opportunities to all. But the winning of any prize would certainly motivate the person to achieve more.
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    Winning a prize in any competition reflects the quality of your posting and you need to be appreciated for your contribution. However, one thing is sure, you may be excited and motivated with such an appreciation. This keeps your spirit elevated and encourage you to do still better. The others not not getting prizes would not mean that their contributions are not worthwhile to read. With the improved concentration , the outcome will surely be unique. It will depend upon the mood, theme and flow of emotions simultaneously. However, winning a prize would surely inspire the winners to do still better and in that way it makes sense to offer a prize for the quality contributions.

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    Self-motivation is the key factor but when you win a prize, it is like icing on the cake and boosts ones morale. Many do not think about winning but keep on trying for they have that in their self that nothing matter except the work or passion they have. As all sports coach teaches their students that "Participating and completing the race is more important than winning." When we take part in a race, one needs to try to complete it even though he may be the last but it teaches us to fight, understand what we lack and try harder the next time. We participate in many contests, challenges or competition and may not be winners always but every participation teaches us something. The lesson learned maybe the winning point in other competition so never thing of just winning but aim for it so that you give your best in every attempt and learn from it.
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    An award or a prize may motivate you. But it will not make you excel unless otherwise, you have the inner drive to work and excel. Self-motivation is always important than all other motivations. But sometimes these may act as motivators to get you self motivate.
    If you got an award you will think that you did well. That feeling will make you excited and as a result, a feeling of trying, again and again, to win again will start in your mind and you will be motivated. So I feel these award and prizes will be the initiator for self-motivation. They will not allow disappointment to come near you and they will make to perform well.

    always confident

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    These two things are greatly linked with each other. Self motivation is a great asset with any individual and it can encourage him to work more and more and can lead to success also and can help in getting rewards also. Awards or rewards further motivate us for increasing our proficiency and output and this vicious cycle of motivation and awards continues. If there is no reward or award for a long time then the element of discouragement starts building in us because we are human beings and we have feelings like anyone else has. So, in absence of awards one starts doing introspection for finding out the reasons for it. That is the beginning of the desperation which slowly build up and a person quits from the competitive arena. That is why many sites in internet award all their good members (who are above some threshold) sequentially. Of course no site can afford giving awards to the dull or below average contributors. Hence, awards automatically become a motivation for many of us instead of the top few members only. That is why many members time and again tell about ISC that it brings the best out of you during your creative journey here. You remain glued to it and in the process learn and improve yourself.
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    Self motivation is the initial thrust and prize winning is like acceleration when the pace is slowing down. Both are necessary. Self motivation makes you participate. Participation only can lead you to get prize. The prize helps to go a little more by self acceleration.

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    It is natural that we feel happy when we are awarded. Even a child feels happy when the mother gives her a chocolate if he behaves properly or does why he is asked to do. Everyone gets motivated with rewards.
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    The opinions expressed in this thread are also mirrored in work of you all. Here most of the members are self motivated and the award winning is just an added advantage.
    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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