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    Why time and again the role of the governor is being questioned?

    Since the days of NTR as the CM of United AP when he was dethroned by the act of erstwhile governor Ram Lal, and till the recent stand off between the Rajasthan Governor and the Congress in power, the very existence of the Institution of the governor is questioned. The same Congress party used the office of the governor to dethrone democratically elected govt, and the same party now wants to go ahead in convening the assembly special session to prove the majority when the govt already enjoys the same and proved in front of the governor. Do you think the governor is irrelevant in these days of non agreement with the working style?

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    The Governor post these days is not having any importance. They are political postings and the party in the central government will post their party leaders who are old and not required in the party. Such governors will act as the agents of the central government. If the State government is also a friendly party of the Central government there will be no issues. Otherwise, problems like this will crop up. When the political parties are having no discipline and when don't respect the governing system what is the use of having a Governor. I feel no necessity.
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    In India State Governor is a representative of the Central Government. As a practice for smooth functioning the central government appoints a senior experienced person of respect and standing as a state Governor. Generally the central government selects a person who is acceptable to the state government also.
    But by and by the post of Governor was use by the party ruling at Centre as a rehabilitation and accommodation place for political elders. They naturally have the bias towards the ruling party at centre. When the party ruling at state and centre are opposing parties then the Governor's actions are interpreted and viewed as biased and favouring the party at centre. Thus the differences and mistrust develop and lead to confrontation attitude and lead to legal tussles.
    But there are many examples when some governors who conducted themselves in such a way that the relationship with centre and State went very smooth.

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    Governer is an respectable office for people but generally it works as a puppet of the central government.

    The same will happen with bjp owned states if congress comes in power in 2024.

    All political parties are power-hungry and we play in their hands too. No particular party can be blamed for it.

    Situation is not going to change unless radical changes are carried out and need of the hour is 'power of recalling the elected representatives' whereby people will be given special rights to recall their elected leaders if they don't work properly in the sight of majority of people.

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    Post of a Governor has always been a political post, it is not being misused in the present times, but only the incidents of misuse have increased. As the author has himself mentioned the past incidents of Governor's using designated power to help the central government.
    The governor is appointed by the President of India and works of the feedback of the central government. In the present times imposing Presidential Rule in Jammu and Kashmir was also political rule. But here in case of Rajasthan the refusal for calling an Assembly session by the CM is being rejected by the Governor is wrong as per the constitution. Anyway, this thread is not to discuss it here.

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    In times of dispute between the parties vying for Chief Ministership, the Governor has the power to decide the further path in the matter and he would accordingly instruct or direct one of them to show their strength in the legislative assembly. This both the parties should agree.
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    The role of the Governor is always questioned when different political parties rule the centre and the state because the Governer is selected by the central government and not elected. The Governor works as a representative of the central government and whenever a new regime comes to office at the centre it appoints Governors to the states according to their choice. In most of the cases, as mentioned by the other members, a Governor is a very senior member of the regime at the centre who has no active role in the party. You may say it's a kind of honour to the senior members who served the party for a long time. The tussle remains because the centre wants some political mileage in the state through the Governor and the ruling party in the state opposes that idea.

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