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    Are online courses valuable in today's job market?

    Whether online courses are as valuable as offline courses and whether those who earn a degree through the online mode will have the same acceptability as those who have earned a degree through the regular mode are questions that need to be thought about seriously. There are many factors that need to be considered in this connection. Let us discuss this important issue here.

    As we all know, with the rise in the digital era, many things are going to transform online. So many educational courses or short term courses are going to go online. But my family members do not favor this and claim that online courses are mostly fraud and not valuable for the industry. According to them, online courses are not valuable at all in today's job market as compared to offline courses. Is my family member's claim true in reality? If this is true, will the rising of digital era lead to a rise in fraud cases without any benefits. Should online courses be restricted or banned? Should digitization be managed? Will it be better for India to stop digitization and return to the traditional era? What are your views on this?
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    This is a valid point that you have raised. On the one hand, when corona pandemic has halted our daily work and people unable to go anywhere, education has also taken a turn. It has been badly hit.

    The only option available to students is the online platforms. There are many online learning platforms that provide courses to students but the problem is their credibility. E-learning platforms should maintain their higher standard to stay relevant in this pandemic. When students have no option other than online learning, banning such platforms would be unfair instead e-learning should be made more applicable in our day to day life.

    There are some IT companies who allow work from home for their employees and when a country has such an amazing thing at their disposal we can only think of improving e-learning platforms, making them more credible and relevant rather than banning the entire system and shrinking opportunities to students who are already staggering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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    We need to think about how different is the learning process in both online and offline mode. Teachers help students to understand any subject and guide students in the right direction. You need to understand those things that you do not understand. The things that you understand will be managed efficiently without a teacher but you need help where you stuck up. Nowadays, many students, irrespective of their course/class refer to Google for online materials to study the subject. They even learn from Youtube videos. As far as learning is concerned both the offline and online method is useful. But since there is no face to face interaction between the teachers and the students it may be difficult to guide a student properly because body language speaks a lot. In the online method, the interaction is limited to learning only and there is hardly any conversation about the other traits of the students. Hence, it may not be possible for a teacher as well as the student to know each other properly. The subjects where you need to do a lot of experiments will be difficult to manage online. Other than these limitations, online mode of learning is good.

    A job is offered to you based on the interview and your capabilities. An interview is not always about your skills and consists of other things too. So, it is not about certificates only.

    Education has become a big business for many, though that should not be, and one needs to be cautious while applying for a course. The reputation of the institution must be verified before enrolling for any course.


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    A degree earned is a degree. You might have obtained the degree by attending regular classes, or by attending online classes or through distance mode of education. Ultimately the degree will make you eligible to apply for the post. The selection will more depend on the way you perform in your written test and the oral test. The institute through which you have obtained your qualification may matter for some jobs. Always degrees from IIMs and IITs will be more valuable even though they are online degrees.

    Earlier the people who are already working used this online mode of education facility more for acquiring an additional diploma or certification to improve the skills. But now even students also have to learn through online classes.

    It is a new methodology adopted for high school and primary school students. They may not be very well conversant with this and initially, there may be some problems but slowly they will get accustomed to this method also.

    The teaching staff should also get trained and learn the technic of teaching students online. Initially, it will be a tine talking process but it will become routine for them also on practice.

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    Surely the online courses are helping the people to seek news jobs and sometimes the online course providers themselves helping out the successful candidates to get some good job. But how the person learns the online course is the take here. Simply going through the video class and jotting down the points does not help the person. There must be interactive session and the doubts should be cleared then and there itself. Otherwise with half learned knowledge, it is difficult to get a job against many fully learned persons in front of us. So choosing the right institute and the right teacher is also important.
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    Elder people of the family talk as per their experience and we talk about our experience and knowledge so thinking of your family is right on its place but still, we know that demand of the online or digital world. We all are part of this, and the same situation faced by mostly youth.
    When my elder brother gave his first online bank exam for a government job, my father was not ready to accept it that the result will be fair but now same online exams are very normal for them also so that's really not an issue but yes thing which is important is that when you pursue an online course you have to be very much sure about the accuracy of the course and about the detail of institution or website.
    We also working on an online platform so we have better knowledge about it, there are many courses available but which one is good for you, you have to decide it and at the same time you have to be assured of the website reputation in digital world. Apart from these things an idea of online course during this pandemic era is a good thought.

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    Yes online courses are very helpful to everyone.But certificate earned by online courses are not valuable at some place all. But the value of these certificates are very important at some places.

    Digitalization is very important in modern life. Every work is connected to online mode like
    1. Government try to make paperless to save trees. So they are conducted many exams online.
    2. many shopping website are online like flipcart Amazon. This website save time and also provide quality products.
    3.many online courses are offered in YouTube channel and another channel like unacademy to make notes and prepare for competitive exams.
    4.transaction of money is also online. a lot of money can be transferable very easy and quick.

    But all the time using online mode is not beneficial for us. It is very risky at some point. So offline mode is a very essential for us. Many chances of hacking and froud are occuring in online mode. offline mode is very secure. It cannot be hacked. So, offline mode is also necessary.

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    Education in any form online or offline is valuable to people. Anything that adds value or provides information is good to individuals and the institute or organization. There is indeed a big difference when we talk about offline courses attended in school or college and attending it online. The proper exchange and learning of any subject require theoretical and practical knowledge that is required for the overall development of skill. For any individual, an add on certification course to enhance his skill can be good in the online mode but for subjects that require hand-on training like medical, engineering, science, etc offline course is what gives them the much-needed knowledge of the subject. Some many online institutes and courses are available but one needs to go through the academy and its recognition and they subscribe to the course. As every post or job is given after proper exam, interview and validation of their certificates, it becomes genuine and valid but depends on the company, organization, or institutes to which they are applying.
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    If the online course is being conducted by an university or institution approved by UGC then the degree has to be accepted by the employers and there should not be any hindrance in that . But if the agency is not approved or is totally of private nature then some employers might not value it and that would be the problem for the students.
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    Evolution and changes are happening in every field and every sector. Those which seemed impossible or improbable are now becoming the way of life.
    So online courses also are evolving absorbing and adjusting to the changing needs. People accept everything after a little hesitation initially. As of now online courses are accepted in career enhancing situations. But they will be accepted and may become valuable in job markets very soon as a first level acceptance for recruitment.

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    Yes, with time and tide, online courses will become more acceptable to society than it is now. With rapid digitization, this is actually the way forward. There will be always some inherent disadvantages associated with online courses, that they are not interactive enough and lack on practical training aspects. But then much of it is compensated by the sea of information that is available at our fingertips these days due to Google, Youtube and plenty of other online platforms. Also, considering that technology is improving with leaps and bounds and concepts like artificial intelligence are going to see the light of the day real soon, these online courses will be more like the real ones. The big plus point of these online courses is that they are real cheap compared to the real ones. For example, to physically do a course in the US you need to spend millions of rupees. But the same thing if it happens to be an online one will be quite cheap and hassle-free, without requiring any visas or passports. Okay, the value may be somewhat less, but you save on a fortune.
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    Yes, there are a lot,s of the online courses are available which is providing with job assurance.

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