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    A special day - International Tiger Day

    Today, the 29th of July, is special for us because this is the day of our national animal, the Tiger. The tiger gives us lessons that all your attention should be on your target so that you definitely achieve it. Nowadays, the dwindling number of tigers is a subject of concern for the entire world and governments and different international organisations are putting in their efforts to save them.

    The maximum number of national parks are in MadhyaPradesh and so it is easy for me visit them since I am from this state. I have been to three national parks till date but I could see a tiger only in the Kanha National Park . That was an unforgettable moment of my life. I do not want to elaborate on this but am just sharing my experience with you all. I would like to know if any of you also have been to any national park and also your thoughts on this special day dedicated to tigers.

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    Without seeing this thread I opened a separate thread on tigers. The editors may lock that or delete that. Hence I am giving the same subject here.
    Tigers are endangered species. They have lost 90% of their natural habitat and their world population is just less than 4000. As the population is reduced by 95%, the concept of International Tiger's day is created.
    The day was created the first time in November 2010. This is created to promote global awareness among the public and to protect the natural habitats of tigers. It is also aimed at addressing the issues related to the conservation of tigers. Later on, 29 July of every year is being celebrated as world tiger day. Several animal rights agencies also organise online and offline events on this day so that the awareness will spread. Some competitions are also conducted.

    Let us all contribute for the noble cause of protecting these endangered species on this day of international tiger day.

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    While I appreciate the people celebrating this World Tigers Day, I ask the same people who are worrying about the reduction in the Tiger population. When the world is worried about the increase in the human population and adopts many measures to reduce the population through birth control and family control, why not we think that the Tiger population also could have thought about the reduction of Tiger families in this world?

    We should be thankful for having 4000 Tigers which are expected to remain or multiply their number. We are leaving behind these good numbers of Tigers for our future generations. Our future generations would know what a Tiger is about. But just think about our ancestors who did not keep one Dinasuras for us to view and understand.

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    Tiger is our national animal and we are concerned for its dwindling population. But the humans have also ruined the natural habitat which is required for the dwelling of tigers and their population increase. We are caging them and what would be their future in such a pathetic condition. It is feared that with changing ecology and environment they might get extinct in few decades.
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    This International Tiger day is so special for the country as the tiger population across the country has increased much and there has been over whelming nurturing and vigil over the protection and safety of the big cats. Only India is having the best population of tiger. Previously the census taken by the forest officials were of physical and that was not having the right information. Now the night vision cameras were erected across the tiger habitat areas and thus correct presence and population of the tiger can be assessed. The Guinness Book of World records also included this feat in their books.
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